Senior Capstone Project--Dramaturgy


Create a proposal in conjunction with your faculty advisor for submission to the department committee by mid-semester the semester before you plan to execute your Senior Project. Your proposal must include:

  • Title of work and author.
  • A brief statement on why this project should be your capstone project.
  • Project deadlines. (Consult the Department Production Calendar)
  • An up-to-date resume.
  • Current GPA.

Research Requirements

Upon approval of the Senior Project, the student is expected to complete the following:

  • Thorough research regarding the history of the play and playwright.
  • The production history of the play.
  • An extensive bibliography.
  • History of play and production from a socio-political standpoint.
  • In the case of a play in translation, a compilation of a list of English translations of the play. Include a brief description and analysis of different translations and justification for final choice of script. (In the event that the student has exceptional skills in the appropriate language, the student dramaturg may assist in the development of an original translation of a play.)
  • Meet regularly with the director:
    • In pre-audition consultations to discuss, analyze, and assist with development of production concept.
    • In auditions and provide feedback when appropriate.
    • Attend at least one rehearsal per week; meet regularly with the director to give feedback on the production’s development.
    • Attend all production meetings.
  • Develop an educational outreach package for area schools (when appropriate).
  • Provide publicity staff with material for lobby display and promotional use.
  • Assist the director in the development of program information.

Dramaturgy Portfolio

Following completion of dramaturgy assignment, submit a completed dramaturgy portfolio package. This package will include:

  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Production Analysis.
  • Detailed Bibliography.
  • Copies of all materials created during this process.
  • Representative photos of the production.
  • All materials will be portfolio quality and will not be returned.


After the advisor has approved the portfolio, the student dramaturg will formally present his/her portfolio to the department committee. The committee will confer with the advisor and a grade will be assigned. Your advisor will communicate the grade as soon as possible.