Senior Capstone Project--Playwriting


Create a proposal in conjunction with your faculty advisor for submission to the department committee by mid-semester the semester before you plan to execute your Senior Project. The goal of a Theatre Arts Senior Project in Playwriting is the writing of a full-length play that is stage worthy. Your proposal must include:

  • A description of the project to be undertaken and a statement as to how the project will build on the educational training and experiences of the student.
  • A brief statement on why this project should be your capstone project.
  • An outline or the time frame for completion of the project.
  • An up-to-date resume.
  • Current GPA. B.

Playwriting Requirements

Upon approval of the Senior Capstone Project, the student will be responsible for:

  • Regular meetings with the faculty advisor for discussion, feedback, and progress reports.
  • Compiling a Playwright’s Journal (a large, three-ring notebook with tab dividers) including the following divisions:
    • Calendar and writing schedule.
    • Research on historical, philosophical, psychological, and/or cultural background and details for the play.
    • Preliminary writing.
    • A personal credo, a statement of the playwright’s deepest convictions, beliefs, and standards.
    • A brief outline of the play.
    • A brief synopsis that details the play’s conflict.
    • A brief summation of the action and contents of the beginning, middle, and end of the play.
    • Detailed biographies of the protagonist and antagonist.
    • Descriptions of the protagonist’s and antagonist’s goals and tactics, their basic characteristics and secondary qualities, and their emotional ranges.
    • A narrative that describes the exposition the audience must know.
    • Descriptions of the inciting incident, the point of attack, and the climax.
    • A description of the interrelationship of the play’s inciting incident, point of attack, protagonist’s goal, major dramatic question, and climax.
    • A description of the setting, properties, costumes, lights, and sound.
    • A record of any work with actors in improvisations on your work or rough draft readings.
    • A statement of desired audience response.
  • First draft of the play and subsequent preliminary drafts.
  • The student will arrange with the faculty advisor for a public reading of the play at the end of the semester by actors of the playwright’s choice.


At the conclusion of the project the student will submit a copy of the finished play and Playwright's Journal to his/her advisor. After the advisor has approved the final copy, the playwright will present their play to the theatre faculty for a final evaluation of the senior project. The committee will confer with the advisor and a grade will be assigned. Your advisor will communicate the grade as soon as possible.