Senior Capstone Project--Research


Create a proposal in conjunction with your faculty advisor for submission to the department committee the semester before you plan to execute your Senior Project. Senior Project in Research may consist of research in any area of theatre, and will be presented in a formal paper. The project may be the culmination of work on a production, such as dramaturgy, or may be an expansion on classroom work, or may be independent of either production or course work. The paper should be substantial in depth of research, thoroughness, and quality of thought. Your proposal must include:

  • Statement of a specific topic that will be researched and the scope of the planned research.
  • A thesis statement that outlines the focus of the paper.
  • A preliminary annotated bibliography.
  • A resume that includes a list of coursework completed.
  • Current GPA.

Research Requirements

Upon approval of the project proposal, meet regularly with the faculty advisor to:

  • Determine a schedule, including due dates for drafts
  • Discuss the progress and any difficulties impeding progress of the project
  • Present and discuss drafts of the paper.


Upon completion and the faculty advisor's approval of the final written paper:

  • Schedule a formal presentation of the paper to the faculty committee
  • Submit to each faculty member a copy of the paper at least two weeks before the formal presentation.
  • Prepare and present a ten-minute synopsis of the research paper and be prepared to answer questions about both the paper's content and the process of research and writing.
  • Upon completion of the research project the committee will confer with the advisor and a grade will be assigned. Your advisor will communicate the grade as soon as possible.