THA 260/360 Requirements

THA 260/360 courses are required of all theatre majors each semester beginning the first semester of their freshman year (THA 260) and every semester thereafter (THA 360). Theatre minors are required to complete a minimum of 3 credits in THA 360 taken over at least two productions.  THA 360 is not required during the semester a theatre major is completing a capstone project (THA 490). THA 260/360 courses enable students to get credit for hands-on experience working in the theatre.  Students may get THA 260/360 credit in a variety of theatre areas including:

  • Scene ShopPerformance
  • Scenic, costume/make-up, sound or lighting
  • Scene shop, costume shop, or light shop, technical direction
  • Stage manager or assistant stage manager
  • Running crews (light/sound board, props, costume, etc.)
  • House manager or box office assistant, publicity, dramaturgy
  • Other specific assignments for a particular production

Assignments will be made and posted on the call boards by the end of the first week of classes each semester.  Every effort will be made to grant student requests while still balancing each season and creating the broadest range of opportunity for each student.  Students are responsible for checking the assignment sheet and meeting with the appropriate faculty member as assigned.

Course grades will be based on the criteria below.  Failure to fulfill any of these responsibilities may result in failing grade. 

  • Costume ShopMeet with your supervisor within a week of the THA 260/360 assignments.
  • Complete the course assignment to the satisfaction of your immediate supervisor.
  • Attend all Major/Minor meetings each semester.
  • Attend all Theatre Arts productions (including children’s show)
  • Attend all Theatre Arts Department production strikes.
  • Participate in end of the year student evaluations.
  • Performance/General Studies/Music Theatre students must audition for each department production as well as all senior projects and  directing scenes.
  • Design/Technical/Management students must audition for at least one production each academic year.