Year End Auditions/Portfolio Reviews

Each year, theatre majors are required to present material for a portfolio (design/tech and management emphasis) or performance (performance and musical theatre emphasis) review. Faculty specializing in each specific area of emphasis conduct the yearly review. Portfolio/performance reviews are conducted as a measure of the technical and aesthetic skills used to develop professional competency and expression. The review requirements are progressive in that more advanced monologues and design work are required as the student continues through the program. Each student is given verbal feedback during the review process relating to the student’s strengths, areas of improvement, and continued expectations within the program.

To prepare for end-of-the-year reviews, students should complete the following:

House of Blue Leaves Production Photo
  • Sign up for a review session.  Sign up sheets are posted outside the Department of Theatre Arts’ main office (154 Center for the Arts) at the end of April each year.
  • Have a prepared monologue (performance, music theatre and/or general emphasis students) or portfolio (design/tech, general and/or management emphasis students) for faculty review.  Each student should have examples of their written work, design work (i.e. costume renderings, scenic design drafts, etc.), prompt books, character analysis/journals, etc.).  See a faculty member for guidance on your year-end review.
  • An up-to-date resume for faculty review.