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    49 Cartwright Center

    Cartwright Center Graphics serves students and staff with high quality, low-cost graphic design and printing services to assist groups and individuals in marketing and promotion endeavors. We provide excellent customer service through supportive services and by providing supplies for independent creative work.

    Feel free to make an appointment or stop by just to see what we have available.

    Some of the pricing for services available are:

    Buttons: 2 1/4" $.35 each

    Lamination: First foot $1.90 and $.90 per foot after

    Poster Printer: either $2.00 or $4.00 depending on size

    Larger Printer:

        18X24" Less than half ink $3.00,  more than half ink $5.00

        24X34" Less than half Ink $4.00, more than half ink $6.00


    There may be costs for other services as well, depending on the situation.

    The dye cut machine key is available in the Graphics Office during business hours. After 4:00 pm, please see the Information Counter for the key. Bulletin board paper is always available outside graphics next to the die cut machine.

     Graphics Pricing 2015     Click on image for pricing and policies.

    For more information please contact:

     Jara Richter Jaralee Richter
     Jamie Alt Jamie Alt