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  • Interfraternity Council


    Interfraternity Council

    The campus Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the four men’s fraternities. IFC consists of six officers and 10 chapter delegates. Officer positions are elected annual and chapters appoint or elect their delegates. Chapter delegates attend weekly meetings to discuss issues important to the entire community. The campus Interfraternity Council seeks to provide quality educational programs, service opportunities, networking and social events for chapter members.

     If you are interested in learning more about fraternity life or fraternity recruitment please contact and fill out the Fraternity Interest Form.




    Hello, and welcome to the home of the Interfraternity Council of UW-La Crosse! I am very happy to be a leading part of this year’s Interfraternity Council (IFC). IFC is a collaborative effort by members of each fraternity here at UWL. We work together to better our Greek community and serve the needs of individual chapters. We provide opportunities for members to better themselves outside of their individual fraternity, while using resources from all fraternities to improve our community. 

    All men that are in good standing within their chapters can participate in IFC, and I encourage all new members to get involved or at least learn more about what we can offer. Joining my fraternity was the best decision in my life, and IFC gives me the opportunity to share that experience with other fraternity men while working together to help all of our organizations.

    If you are curious about IFC or joining a fraternity, please contact me at the email address below. Better yet, talk to someone you know in a fraternity. Ask us why we joined. Ask us about our letters. You will be glad you did.

    Jon Miles
    President, Interfraternity Council 2015


    Jon Miles                                                                    Interfraternity

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    Interfraternity Council Members 2015
    Position Name E-mail Chapter
    President Jon Miles      Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
    Director of Marketing Joey Forman Delta Sigma Phi
    Director of Recruitment Anton Vershay Delta Sigma Phi
    Director of Communication & Finance  Kyle Jahnke Delta Sigma Phi
    Director of Scholarship Aaron Kugel Delta Sigma Phi
    Director of Activities & Philanthropy Jack Redell Chi Phi
    Sargent-at-Arms Kevin O'Brien Chi Phi

    The Interfraternity Council Creed

    We, the Interfraternity Council, exist to promote the shared interests and values of our member fraternities: leadership, service, brotherhood, and scholarship. We believe in Fraternity and that the shared values of Fraternity drive the IFC to create better communities, better chapters, and better men.

    We work to advance the academic mission of the host institution, to enable fraternal organizations to grow and thrive through collaboration and teamwork, to provide an outlet for self-governance and accountability, and to model and teach ethical leadership. In a spirit of mutual support and betterment, we, the men of the Interfraternity Council, pledge to elevate the Ritual and the values of the member organizations.

    UW-La Crosse Interfraternity Council Bylaws