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  • Report lost card

    Please Read the Lost Card Options Carefully

    Option 1. If you lost your card and do not have a HigherOne Bank account and you would like a few days to look for the card, you can report the card as lost through the GET Funds website. This option will deactivate all of your campus accounts including meals and Campus Cash. It will not deactivate your HigherOne Bank Account. To reactivate the card you will need to come to the card office at 223 Cartwright. To choose this option click on this link.

    Option 2. If you lost your card and you have a HigherOne Bank account, you may want to cancel the card altogether. This option will cancel both your HigherOne Account and all of your campus accounts. You will have to order a new card with this option and the cost is $20.00 for a new card. You can cancel the card at

    With both of these options you can come to the card office at 223 Cartwright and get a temporary ID to use. The cost of the temporary card is $5.00.

    Watch for your replacement card in the mail. If this is a replacement card, you will need to sign into Higher One with the email address and password you set up with your initial activation. Hint: It may not be your UWL email address. If you do not know what this is, please do not try to sign in more than twice, as it will lock you out. Click on "Forgot your password" to reset it. Hint: the zip code will be the one your card was sent to.

    H1 Envelope example

    The university is not responsible for misuse of your ID from the time it is lost to the time it is reported missing.