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Upward Bound
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  • Cyberbound


    Cyberbound, our online course, is required of all participants.  Each month students are expected to: 

    • Log in
    • Read the assignment for the current month
    • Complete one original post and 
    • Reply to at least two peer posts


    Student will not be awarded stipends until their Cyberbound posts are completed.

    To login, go to Click on GUEST. Using the login name and password info you received from you tutoring supervisor, sign in.  Click on CyberBound.

    If you have difficulty signing in, email or call Kate.

    JANUARY Cyberbound is up and active, login today and complete your posts!

    For those that are unable to access the link on D2L for your November Assignment, here is a link that should work for you.  Please see your site supervisor if you are still having trouble.