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Upward Bound

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  • Done Upward Bound

    Current College Students


    • Remember that you MUST refile every year to receive financial aid.
    • Complete your FAFSA renewal by March 15 to have access to the most aid.
    • You may attend the FAFSA workshop on Friday, February 19 between 2 and 7pm for assistance.
    • Contact your financial aid advisor, Paul or Lisa with questions
    Financial Aid/Scholarship Information
    • KEEP IN TOUCH! We need to know how college is going, where you are enrolled, and when you plan to graduate.
    • Check out this great list of scholarships compiled by the La Crosse Promise Future Centers!
    • Make sure you renew your FAFSA by March 15 each year.  It is best if you and your parents have finished their IRS 1040 at least two week prior to that date.
    • Start looking for scholarships early.  Most applications for next school year will be due by January 15.
    • Like It Make$ Cent$ on Facebook - they have great information regarding financial literacy and money management
    Share your story

    Current and prospective Upward Bound students often need motivation.  Getting to college is hard, as most of you know, and everyone needs a helping hand.  If you are interested in sharing your story, we are always happy to pass them onto students.  Whether you were able to achieve your goal or not, everyone's story has value to what we are trying to do - help students value hard work, aim high, and never give up.  It hasn't been that long since you were in the shoes of a high school student.  Take time to give back and pass along some advise.  Contact Lisa Yang and share what you have learned since graduating high school.