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  • Forms and Surveys

    Where will you take the UB ACT in January?
    Please RSVP today for the January UB ACT.  There are five available dates and sites.  Please keep in mind that UB will not be providing transportation is you choose to attend a testing site that is a distance for you.

    Evaluate the fall semester

    All current participants are required to evaluate the experience for the fall 2014 semester.  We use this information when planning events in the future, hiring staff, and considering programming changes.

    Clear Path assessment for new UB participants

    Once you have been admitted to your 60 day probationary period, you  much complete the following assessment.

    Go to:

    Click on "Students" button
    Enter Access Key: 7th73
    Click "start survey"
    When asked for a "class number" enter:
     - 1 if you are a Holmen tutoring student
     - 2 if you are a Sparta tutoring student
     - 3 if you are a Tomah tutoring student
     - 4 if you are a La Crosse tutoring student
    If you do not have the time to complete the survey at one time you can log out at any time and your answers will be saved.

    Orientation Forms and Surveys

    New students, during their 60 day probationary period are required to complete the following surveys and forms.  

    1. Needs Assessment - print off this form and circulate it to your teachers.  When completed, submit the form to your tutoring supervisor.
    2. LASSI Survey - this is an assessment of how you study, and helps us understand what help you may need from Upward Bound.
    3. COPS Survey - this is an interest inventory to help direct your career choices.  We will use this information to help plan Career Day, college visits, and summer sessions.
    4. Participation Agreement- it is important that everyone understands what is expected by being a part of Upward Bound.  Print, sign and submit this form to your tutoring supervisor.
    5. Self Esteem Inventory - completed once per year by all UB participants, this surveys uses statements, to which you decide are "like you" or "not like you".