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  • Juniors

    Standardized Tests


    All Upward Bound juniors are required to take the PSAT at the schools.  UB staff will make sure that you have registered with your guidance counselor.

    • There are multiple benefits to taking this test.
      • Enter the competition for the National Merit Scholarship program
      • Receive information from colleges when you check "yes" to Student Search Service.
      • Receive feedback on your strengths and challenges on skills necessary to succeed in college.
    Once your scores are in, you must submit the official form to Upward Bound in order to qualify for your earned stipend.


    By the end of your Junior year, you should complete the ACT test for the first (and hopefully last) time.

    1. Register for the ACT here.  This is a lengthy process that requires at least 30 minutes the first time.
    2. Request an ACT fee waiver from your school guidance counselor or Upward Bound staff
    3. Submit your scores to Upward Bound staff as soon as available
    4. Use these great online resources to help prepare for the test.  A little bit everyday for a month before the test will make a big difference.
    Getting ready for Senior Year

    It will be here before you know it!  Take this year to make sure that you are ready to apply and then attend the right school for you.

    Important things to do this year: 

    1. Visit as many schools as possible.  Complete your UB college visit form today and see at least two more schools this fall
    2. Research the programs and majors available at UW-System schools to help determine the right place for you
    3. Watch videos created by UWHelp
    4. Do well in your classes, this is your last chance to have an impact on your GPA before your college applications are submitted next year.
    5. Take the PSAT and ACT

    Homework and Academic help

    Helpful online resources

    Help in almost every academic subject - KhanAcademy

    Subject specific help - KidsClick

    College and Career Exploration

    Helpful online resources

    NextStepU - Discover your path

    UWHelp - explore schools in the UW System