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Weather plan

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  • Here's what you need to know about UWL's Inclement Weather Plan

    UWL implements its Inclement Weather Plan when conditions make travel dangerous or other events cause serious safety concerns.  During deteriorating weather conditions, it should be assumed that scheduled activities will continue unless an official announcement is made via University Communications and University Police. Those who travel to or from campus should use their judgment as to whether or not such travel is wise.

    Many factors go into making decisions whether or not to cancel classes, or close the campus. Some factors include:
    • Most students live on or near campus so they do not have to travel long distances to campus.
    • Many students depend on university services (dining, exercise, etc.) that would be affected with closure.
    • Unlike K-12 schools, university students are adults who can make reasonable decisions about their safety. 
    • The university can't schedule additional days to make up for lost class time, as K-12 schools do. 
    • Students pay for their education through tuition and have a right to attend classes they have paid for. 
    • Faculty and instructional academic staff have the ability to individually make decisions about whether to hold class or make other accommodations due to weather.

    When the plan is implemented, employees, students and others should look to the following for changes to the regular university schedule:

    When university classes and events are cancelled - Typically, employees must report for work with any work changes in accordance with the UW System Inclement Weather Policy. In summary:

    • Hourly classified employees who do not report to work, report late, or leave work before the end of the work day because of weather conditions will be allowed to make up lost time during the remainder of the work week, as much time as is beneficial to the work unit. Make up time shall be at the regular rate of pay. Hourly employees may also take leave without pay, vacation, personal holiday, or compensatory time to cover absence.
    • Salaried classified and unclassified employees may use available annual leave (vacation), compensatory time, available holidays, or leave without pay to cover inclement weather absences. An employee and the employee's supervisor may agree that the employee can account for the time of the absence in another manner consistent with the professional nature of the employee's work assignment.