Women's Advisory Council


The Women’s Advisory Council (WAC) has as its mission to promote an environment for all campus women that:

  • Is free from sexual harassment and discrimination on any basis
  • Is family-friendly and work-friendly
  • Encourages mentoring among employees and students
  • Promotes leadership opportunities for all women
  • Is supportive of the development in its broadest sense of each individual to the maximum of their interest and capability

WAC is also committed to working in cooperation with other campus groups including but not limited to the Organization for Campus Women (OCW), Joint Minority Affairs Council (JMAC), the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Equity Committee, ALANA, the Women’s Leadership Committee, and the Women’s Studies Student Association in sponsoring events for all campus women.


The Women’s Advisory Council has as its vision the equitable treatment of all individuals regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical or other challenges as they work in a safe, supportive environment.


The Women’s Advisory Council was founded in 1992 by Chancellor Kuipers to investigate, monitor, recommend, and report issues concerning women on campus.  The committee is composed of women representing faculty, academic staff, classified staff, and students.  The Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action and Diversity, the Executive Director for Human Resources, and the President and President-Elect of the Organization for Campus Women are standing members.  The members serve three year terms and are appointed by the Chancellor.


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