Equity Scorecard Project

The Equity Scorecard (EqS) project was an 18-month pilot study that aimed to assess progress toward the diversity goals stated in Plan 2008 at the pilot institutions.  The EqS process emphasized the use of data in achieving goals.  Existing data, disaggregated by ethnicity, was compiled and used to evaluate equity throughout the campus community.  The purpose of the project was to identify where equity gaps exist and to understand the problems and obstacles that face the campus in bridging those gaps.  Input and observations from the campus and the broader community was sought throughout the process to garner insight from multiple points of view.

UW-La Crosse Equity Scorecard Evidence Team Members

Alfred Thompson, Affirmative Action & Diversity
Enilda Delgado, Department of Sociology/Archaeology
Amanda Goodenough, Campus Climate
Roger Haro, Department of Biology
Beth Hartung, Campus Climate
Brue Riley, Department of Mathematics
Barbara Stewart, Multicultural Student Services
Teri Thill, Institutional Research
Carmen Wilson, Department of Psychology
Fred Ludwig, Student
Sara Johnson, Student
Carolyn Olson, Student

UW-L Equity Scorecard Full Report (Word)
UW-L Equity Scorecard Full Report (pdf)

UW System Equity Scorecard Information

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