Affirmative Action Grievance Procedures and Forms

Faculty and Academic Staff Grievance Procedures

There may be a situation where you feel you have not received fair treatment on the basis of  race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age or physical handicap.  Employees should use established grievance procedures when problems or complaints arise in work-related situations.

Faculty and Academic Staff who believe they have been discriminated against, on the basis of the factors mentioned above, by the University or members of the University community are encouraged to talk with the Affirmative Action Officer at 785-8541.  Informal and formal procedures exist for dealing with discrimination.

Classified Employee Grievance Procedures

Classified Employees who are non-represented may use the formal grievance procedure available through Human Resources.  Represented employees are advised to consult with their union representative concerning the represented employee grievance procedure.  In addition, all classified employees may use an informal grievance procedure by contacting the Affirmative Action Officer at 785-8541 to discuss their concern.

Download Employee Informal Complaint/Grievance Form (pdf) or (MS Word)

Student Grievance Policies

  • Student Policy Regarding Discrimination

  • Student Academic Non-Grade Appeals

  • Student Appeal of Final Grade

  • Student Anti-Hazing Policy

Download Student Informal Complaint/Grievance Form (pdf) or (MS Word)