Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is it?
  It is a new building that will be constructed on the UW-L Campus in order to solve the critical shortage of adequate general access classroom space.   

Q:  What will be in it?
  Approximately 60% of the building space will be occupied by general access classrooms.  Various academic and student advising departments will also be relocated to the new building in order to help solve some of the space issues that currently exist in other UW-L academic buildings.  A preliminary space tab is shown in the ‘Request For A/E Services’ document, however, the initial planning phase with the selected architect, River Architects,  will include a budget verification study.  The results of that study could cause the building program scope to be reduced.  Consequently, it’s possible that all of the occupancies shown in the space tab may not be relocated to the new building.

Q:  Where is it going to be located?
  The new building will be located on the site currently occupied by Baird, Trowbridge and Wilder Halls.  These buildings will be razed just prior to construction.  This location is endorsed by the recently completed UW-L Campus Exterior Master Plan as it will put the building in a location at the geographic and academic center of campus and it will act as an anchor for the Central Campus Mall that will be created in the future per the Campus Exterior Master Plan.

Q:  When will it be constructed?
  The actual construction of the building has not yet been officially enumerated (included) as part of a State of Wisconsin budget.  However, if all goes as expected, it will be enumerated as part of the budget bill in 2007 and this would result in construction commencing in either 2008 or 2009.

Q:  How much will it cost and who is paying for it?
  The current total project budget is $33,500,000.  If all goes as expected, the State of Wisconsin will fund $27,500,000 and the UW-L Foundation will raise $6,000,000.

Q:  How will the campus community be involved?
  A New Academic Building Steering Committee has been appointed by the Chancellor.  The committee will be working with the executive team, in consultation with the campus community and the architects
(River Architects) and the consultants (Paulien & Associates) in preparation for the new building.  Other ad hoc groups may be initiated and faculty, staff, and students may be invited to participate as needed.