Safety Tips

Some of the things you can do to help us ensure everyone’s safety during this and future projects are listed below: 

  • Access to the construction area will be restricted, where ever possible, by use of fencing, hazard warning tape, or other means.  Please do not cross over into a restricted construction area for your own safety.

  • Do not remove barriers or warning signs/warning tape.

  • Stay on temporary sidewalks, roadways, walkways as much as possible when walking by construction sites.

  • Listen for the warning alarms of moving construction equipment. Stay well clear of the construction equipment, especially when it is moving.

  • When driving a vehicle near a construction site, slow down and be observant.  Watch out for construction equipment, contractor employees, and pedestrians.

  • Preventative measurers to control the spread of dust and odors to other buildings/areas will be taken.   However, it is difficult to control all dust and all odors generated during construction activities.
  • Please read any construction safety warning signs intended to inform pedestrians, motorists, visitors, or occupants about ongoing construction safety hazards or practices.  Please obey any temporary restrictions or prohibitions necessitated by construction projects.