Academic Staff Council Minutes - February 23, 2009

Meeting called to order at 3:07pm.

Present: Sasaki, Dodge, Leahy, Kolkmeier, Robinson, Van Roosenbeek, Vahala, Burton, Heyer
Excused: Lo, Bean-Thompson,
Guests: Jennifer Wilson and Joy Gutknecht (Human Resources), Larry Sleznikow (Education Technologies)

I. Minutes

Approval of Minutes: First, Vahala, Second, Sasaki.       APPROVED. 

II. Human Resources

Title Changes in Campus Connection – HR is working with Sue Lee at the Campus Connection.  They are hoping to run the information in July and again in September.

Grievance – Recommendation 1: getting rid of emergency hires.  UWL has eliminated emergency hires. Everyone being hired at UWL will be going through a search. However, if we have a position that is unique enough and have someone that fits the positions, we will do a direct hire.  If a position needs to be filled temporarily, there would be specific recruitment criteria and the person hired had to be aware that the position would only be lasting a specific amount of time.  Recommendation 2: reappointment process.  Dean and division officers are reminded about reappointment via email.  Human Resources is willing to help the person who must have that conversation and make sure nothing is missed in the conversation.  HR will send Chair Van Roosenbeek a copy of the timeline the dean and division officers will receive.  Recommendation 3: training for supervisors.  HR has done some training for department chairs. They recently held workshops on FMLA for employees and for supervisors.  The HR website has an area for supervisors. 

Academic Staff Pool – Is in the works. It is hoped that it will be operational on June 1, 2009.  PeopleAdmin will also be used for typical searches. 

Consultative Layoff Committee – Should the Council get the committee ready to meet? This is not being recommended right now. 

Miscellaneous – If a position is lost and another employee takes on additional job responsibilities from that job, it needs to be documented.  Supervisors need to be realistic as to what one person can take on. 

-If there is no meeting with the supervisor during the IDP process, that fact can be noted by the employee. 

New Employee Orientation – The Council would like to keep doing this.  It was well received last year.  As long as there is someone from the Council who can work with Human Resources, they would like to continue this also.

New Faculty Social – New faculty and IAS have a social in August.  Can Academic Staff also be invited to the social? The Chancellor or Betsy Morgan would be best to contact for information. 

IAS policy changes – The IAS committee has done some work but it hasn’t been sent to Human Resources.  They have been focusing on contracts.

Sick Leave – Is the new system helpful and money saving? This was done to be in compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

III. Budget

The Chancellor had an open forum on Friday.  It is looking like UWL will be cutting $5.35 million over two years. JPB has already cut $1.6 million. UW System will be covering this year’s lapse.  President Reilly and the Chancellors may sit down with the Governor to talk about how taking money from reserves would affect students.  There is talk of taking money from reserves for financial aid.  Chancellor Gow also talked about the Star Fund which is used to retain employees and has $15 million in it.  It seems that it is used by UW-Madison.  On February 19th, the proposal for the academic building was out for bid; we should know by March 2nd.  Superior, Oshkosh and Parkside also have projects.  Superior does not have all the funds they need.  Oshkosh has about half of their goal. Parkside has a major donor but the donor is having financial issues.  Voluntary reduction to 10 or 11 month contract? They are looking into this.  The CLS dean search is meeting today with the Provost.  The assessment position was frozen but due to accreditation it may be filled later. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.