Academic Staff Council Minutes - March 9, 2009

Present: Dodge, Heyer, Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Robinson, Leahy, Bean-Thompson, Lo, Sasaki,
Excused: Vahala, Kolkmeier,
Guest: Tim Tritch,

Meeting called to order at 3:04 pm.

I. Approval of Minute

First, Burton, Second, Heyer.          APPROVED.

II. System Representative

Collective Bargaining – Leahy distributed ASPRO’s position and the resolution that the University of Wisconsin-Stout Senate of Academic Staff passed. The resolution from UW-Stout is opposed to decoupling. ASPRO has proposed to have 3 separate units around the state (as opposed the governor’s proposed 6) made up of faculty and academic staff. There would be one at UW-Madison, one at UW-Milwaukee and one for everyone else.  The UW-Stout resolution is in favor of one unit for the whole state. Tim Tritch, an ASPRO board member from UW-L, and Kathi Kilgore, from ASPRO, recently met with State Representative Jennifer Shilling to discuss ASPRO’s proposal. Chair Van Roosenbeek will contact Elise Denlinger, Chair of the Instructional Academic Staff committee, to ask for her input on a future resolution.  Leahy will work on the resolution and send it to the Council. Motion in favor of writing a resolution opposed to decoupling, APPROVED.

Budget Hearing – There will be a budget hearing in Sparta on Monday, March 23rd from 10:00am – 4:00pm at the Legion Hall. 

3 Year Bachelor’s Degree – This was brought to the Academic Staff Representatives but the group questioned if they were the appropriate group to bring it to.  Some people on campus have expressed an interest in this but there would be some issues in implementing it.

III. Joint Budget and Planning

They talked about UW-L’s $11 million responsibility. $4 million is coming from GPR and $7 million from program revenue.  $1.6 million base reduction and $150,000 in hold backs (positions to be left open for one year and then filled). Increase in tuition = 5.5% in 2010 and another 5.5% in 2011.  $500,000 cut in travel: this is not to reduce travel but to rethink how travel is funded.  It is looking like it will mostly affect faculty travel.  One idea to bring this money together is to collect money from all the areas which travel into a shared account. $700,000 from GPR funds are spent per year on travel. Chancellor Gow was one of three Chancellors to address the Board of Regents last week.

If there are any ideas for hold backs, share them with your supervisor.  Each college has a small 128 account which will be hit in addition to Residence Life, Dining and Parking. The goal is to keep all the jobs we currently have. Most GQA dollars were preserved and we will be hiring about 40 faculty positions. 

IV. Mission Statement

The committee charged with coming up with a mission statement has narrowed it down to 5 possibilities. The committee has sent a draft of the method for completing the process to the governance groups and would like approval of it before they proceed.  Council members can give feedback via email. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:42pm.