Minutes: October 22, 2007

Present: Brunk, Richter, Robinson, Dodge, Van Roosenbeek, Heyer, Leahy, Lo, Vahala, Burton

Excused: Weiland,

Called to order at 1:18pm. 

Approval of Minutes

First: Van Roosenbeek; Second: Brunk


Fall Kickoff

Went well.  Great speech by Diane Schumacher.  Would have like to see more people there.  Will try to increase marketing next year: attend director’s meeting, send out personal emails from Council members.  It does not seem as though people have enough time to get to events.  Could move up date of event or change time of day.  May survey academic staff as to preference of time.  Have a speaker to make it into Professional Development time.  Aim for second or third week of the school year.  Postcard invite to every Academic Staff.  Give planning as a charge to Professional Development Committee.   

Acknowledge donations: Kay Robinson/Loons, CAB, Rec Sports, Chartwells, Alumni Association, Bookstore,      

Thank you to Diane Schumacher, Herb Kohl and Jennifer Shilling.  Request a copy of Diane Schumacher’s speech.   

Parking at Cleary Center needs to be set up ahead of time before next year’s event.  


Purchased the guitar strap and donated almost $700 to the Gow’s Grove fund from monies collected from multiple academic staff members. 

Will send out link to video of inauguration. 

Academic Calendar   

Fall 2009 does not have a study day before finals start.   

Spousal/Partner Hiring Policy

Would facilitate the hiring of spouses or partners but it is not a guarantee.  It is technically already an option but the university would like to have a formal policy. Academic Staff Council would have liked to be included in the development of the policy and/or the appointment of members to the committee.  Concern with items 7 on page 2: seems to allow for the creation of a position.  How long would it last?  Would it be a position with benefits?  Co-chairs will send an email of questions to those that helped to develop the policy because there is not another Council meeting before the desired deadline for a response. 

Decision on the policy is tabled until a response is received.  May vote on the item via email. 

System Report

Leahy was not at the meeting but did send out the minutes she received.   

Reps group would like a comment on the proposed Sick Leave Policy. Leahy will be forwarding newspaper items that she receives. 

Next executive committee meeting is November 5.  

Next full council meeting is November 12. 

Meeting dismissed at 2:37pm.