Minutes: October 24, 2005

Present: Karpinsky, Jacobson, Heyer, Johnson-Sage, Richter, Brunk, Herling, Veglahn, Reinert

Excused: Van Roosenbeek, Weiland


Called to order at 3:03pm.

Motion to approve minutes

            Johnson – Sage – Heyer


Budget and Planning Committee

In their last meeting, representatives from the Physical Plant came in.  Diane Schumacher and David Faulkner have also met with the committee.  However, when these people are invited in, they are given very few specifics about what they would be speaking to.  Also, the committee still hasn’t seen any money figures so they are unable to determine how much money any cuts would save.  There was discussion among the committee about the Program Array Review committee and also a possible voluntary reduction of salaries.

Beth Hartung – Campus Climate Coordinator

On Monday, Nov. 7, there will be an open session with the Affirmative Action and Diversity Council to publicly discuss the results of the Campus Climate survey.  Hartung is receiving feedback from a variety of campus group, helping her to prioritize the results.

She is also working on Work/Life issues.  Soon, there will be a Sexual Harassment Prevention Tutorial available online which will also link to other tutorials.  Would like to do an Equity Study; a few more people need to be included in that before it can begin. 

Working on getting a ‘Diversity Corner’ in the Campus Connection.  Also looking for office space for herself, a Campus Climate Resource Center.  Would like the space by January.  Hoping to do a Campus Climate Survey every three years.

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Council will be changing their name and will become a steering committee for the Campus Climate Coordinator.

Program Array Committee

The Council is concerned with item number seven of the Program Array Review Committee report.  They will be sending a memo to Carmen Wilson, the Chair of the Faculty Senate.  It will also be sent to Chancellor Hastad, Provost Hitch, Ron Lostetter, Dean of Students Mick Miyamoto and Diane Schumacher.  The Council approved some changes to the memo; it will now say:

The Academic Staff Council has reviewed the October 10, 2005 document from the ad hoc Program Array Review Committee of the Faculty Senate.  The initial motivation for the formation of this committee was to respond to potential program cuts because of the state budget crisis.  However, the decision to review all UW La Crosse programs /activities on both quality and cost is beyond the purview of the Faculty Senate.

Specifically, the decision that the Faculty Senate will review all UW-L programs is not in keeping with the principles of shared governance.  Chapter 36.09 (4m) specifically states that the academic staff members shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for the institution.

The Academic Staff Council is committed to working together with campus governance groups on these issues, either by developing a parallel process for the evaluation of service programs by a committee of Academic Staff members or by the participation in a joint, university wide committee which will allow input of all groups involved.

Motion to accept the changes: Veglahn – Brunk


Academic Staff Reps Meeting

At the last meeting, representatives from the UW administration came to explain what they do.  Discussion of audit on Personnel Policies and Procedures. Veglahn has sent an email to the AS Rep list serve to get information on other campuses’ Career Progression.  Three campuses – Stout, River Falls, and Platteville – have or are working on an orientation program for new academic staff.

Richter was excused at 4:10pm.

Search and Screen Committee

The committee found academic staff to serve on the Search and Screen committees for Dean of SAH and Dean of Students.

Heyer was excused at 4:17pm.

Sick Leave Policy

The Board of Regents passed a decision which means that if an academic staff member is sick for more than five days, they will have to bring a note from their health care provider.  It is unsure how this will be implemented on campus.

Salary and Personnel

The committee has outlined their plans for the year.  Their goals are to:

  1. become familiar with IDP and make recommendations to the Academic Staff Council and/or Human Resources
  2. follow up on the recommendations the committee made last year
  3. meet with the Campus Climate Coordinator in January or February
  4. explore ways of advancing visibility of Academic Staff on campus


The Joint Legislative Affairs committee is looking to invite the area Legislators and Regent Smith to campus on November 21 from 1:00pm-2:00pm.

United Council, the state wide student association, is working to get the Board of Regents to pass Universal Design to make buildings and classes more accessible through a postcarding campaign.

Sharie Brunk passed out copies of the Professional Development Grant the Council is submitting to bring a speaker to campus in the spring semester.

Adjourned at 4:47pm.