Academic Staff Council Minutes - October 27, 2009

Present: Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Robinson, Bean-Thompson, Heyer, Dodge, Kolkmeier, Leahy

Excused: Lo, Sasaki, Vahala,

Guests: Matt Vogel, Bobby Erickson,  

Meeting called to order at 1:19pm.

I. Introductions

II. Amethyst Initiative

This is an initiative that is a statement from the university that public officials have an open discussion about the national drinking age.  Next year, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act will be up for renewal in Congress.  Any state that does not set the drinking age at 21 looses 10% of their federal highway funds. The hope is the formative of a more effective alcohol policy nationwide to reduce binge-drinking and other adverse side affects of alcohol.  130 colleges and universities have signed onto it.  Chancellor Gow has said that if the three governing bodies of UW-L support the initiative, then he would likely support it.  Student Senate will be voting on the issue Wednesday, November 5.  They had looked at it and tabled it until that time.  There will be a one hour seminar on December 12, location to be determined.   

III. Minutes 

Motion to approve: Heyer, Leahy.               APPROVED.

IV. Chapters 8-13

It seems likely that there will some more changes to Chapter so voting on that Chapter will be delayed until the appropriate time.  There are areas where the requirements for voting by the committees are confusion.  The Council will agree on the changes but our Bylaws committee needs to look over the document in order to make requirements for committees – what kind of majority is need (2/3, 50%+1), etc. - clear.  Motion: to approve the instructional academic staff portions of chapters 8, 9, 11 and 12 and send the non-instructional academic staff portions of those chapters to the Bylaws committee for review and necessary revisions.  First, Leahy. Second, Burton. APPROVED.  

V. Letter – OMSS

Van Roosenbeek will invite Joe Gow, Bob Hetzel, Barbara Stewart or Paula Knudson to the next meeting to discuss further.

VI. System Representative

Meeting this Friday in Madison.   

VII. Dr. Zakahi

Kolkmeier and Dodge went to the meetings and Van Roosenbeek met with him individually.   

VIII. Mission Statement

Group is planning to have a new mission statement written up by February. 

IX. Chapter 10

The language of terminal, renewable and rolling horizon contracts is still being worked on and the Council will vote on it once it is ready. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:57pm.