Minutes: October 9, 2001

Present:   Jacobson, Naber, Petersen, Reinert, Sweetman, Walls, Wirkus

 Absent:    Cantona, Graumann, Goudie and Weiland 


I.  Chair, Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM. 


II.  New Business 

A.  Approval of the 9/25/01 minutes was deferred until the 10/23/01 meeting. 

B.  There was discussion regarding the Annual meeting. Suggestions of how to make it a better meeting were presented. The feeling was that it was too formal, consider a smaller facility for next year as the Valhalla B was too large, Port ‘O Call or Cleary Center was suggested. If there is to be a Council meeting preceding the Annual meeting, then it should be held in 263 Cartwright in advance, allowing time for the Council to greet the guests at the Annual meeting. Refreshments would be ordered in advance and confirmed one-day prior. 

C.  The Sexual Harassment Hearing Roster was discussed, and a list of 12 volunteers will be sent to the Affirmative Action and Diversity Office by the due date of October 15. 

D.  The Joint Planning and Budget Committee Member Approval was discussed. Strategic Planning also plays an important role in this committee. Another representative is needed from the Academic Staff Council. The Executive Committee brought forward, Jim Jorstad to the Full Council for approval. M/S/P to forward Jim Jorstad to Ron Rada for the Joint Planning and Budget, and Strategic Planning Committee. 

E.  Chair Wirkus read the pertinent part of the Matt Pommer article regarding the UW Faculty and academic 4.2% salary raises. Some discussion followed, with the feeling the staff should be thankful for the 3.1% that this will amount to, in the end.

III.  Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 3:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Furlano, PA