Academic Staff Council - November 11, 2008

Present: Leahy, Bean-Thompson, Lo, Sasaki, Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Vahala, Kolkmeier,

Excused: Heyer, Robinson, Dodge 

Meeting called to order at 1:22pm.

I. Minutes

Motion to approve, Bean-Thompson; Second, Vahala.  APPROVED.

II. Amethyst Initiative

The Council would like to encourage further discussion on the initiative.  Faculty Senate and Student Senate have tabled it for the time being.  The Council would like to encourage Academic Staff to attend a webinar planned for December.  Chair Van Roosenbeek will collect some information to send out to all Academic Staff via email. 

III. 2010-2011 Academic Calendar

Motion to approve, Vahala, Second, Sasaki.        APPROVED.

IV. Joint Planning and Budget

$311,000 from GQA that can be put towards non-faculty positions. This equates to approximately 9 positions for next year.  31 proposed positions were submitted.  These were put on D2L for the committee to review.  The committee received input from Dean Knudson and Provost Enz-Finken. The committee is now looking at the top rated positions. Among these are 2 for Admissions (Diversity Recruiter, one to work with PeopleSoft), Financial Aid two for (one for Financial Aid Counselor, one for PeopleSoft), two for Records and Registration (one for PeopleSoft, one Classified support positions), two counseling positions for Counseling and Testing, one Violence Prevention Specialist, one Director of OMSS and an Internship Coordinator in Career Services.

There was a debate about the 3 PeopleSoft positions as these are not always seen as directly related to GQA.  It was expressed that the positions would be funded if GQA funds were not available.  This has not yet been resolved. 

The committee members need to vote on the top ranked positions to narrow it down to 9.  They meet again on Wednesday for further discussion.

V. Wilder Office Relocations

ROTC is going to the basement of Whitney and eventually Wittich.  Student Support Services is going to a yellow house near Cleary.  Counseling and Testing is moving to the lower level of Morris.  Career Services and Academic Advising is moving to the lower level of Cartwright. Residence Life is moving to Whitney.  Campus Climate and the Provost will be switching offices.   

VI. UW System Representative

Vicky Washington came to talk about Inclusive Excellence, the follow-up to Plan 2008.  They are hoping to create a statewide steering committee with two representatives from each campus.  The representatives expressed the view that they would like to focus on retention as well as recruitment.

Budget: The focus for the upcoming budget will be the continuation of the growth agenda.  By November 20, there should be a better understanding of the where the budget will be.   

Al Crist talked at the last Regent meeting about faculty and academic staff workforce recruitment challenges.  Leahy will forward the report to the Council. 

Some campuses are seeing instances where in trying to fill an open academic staff position, they are encouraged to consider filling the position as a classified staff position. 

VII. Other

Reminder: The Board of Regents will be meeting at UW-La Crosse in December. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:49pm.