Minutes: November 14, 2005 

Present: Karpinsky, Brunk, Richter, Johnson-Sage, Reinert, Jacobson, Veglahn 

Excused: Heyer, Herling, Van Roosenbeek

Absent: Weiland

Guests: Walls, Thill

Called to order at 3:10pm.

Introductions were done for Teri Thill

Professional Development Grants

Tim Walls, Chair of the Professional Development Committee, came to report of the grants which were recently awarded.  There were 11 applicants this semester and four received funds.  There was an announcement in the Campus Connection with this information; the article also gave the days for next semester.


Teri Thill – Institutional Researcher

She reports to Provost Hitch; requests from the Provost, the Chancellor and Ron Losetter get the highest priority – then Deans and Department Chairs.  Thill has been at UW-L for a year and she has spent much of that time trying to figure out what the campus needs.  If you need Thill’s help, send her an email.  It’s important for her work to understand what questions you’re trying to answer.

            Thill has prepared reports on enrollment, graduation and retention rates.  She has also done some work with Financial Aid and Budget and Finance.  She is a de facto advisor to the Planning and Budget committee and the Faculty Senate.

            A question was asked about a Comparable Work Study.  Beth Hartung is looking at getting a group together to make decisions on how to run the study – how to group people, etc.  She has been advised that it might work best to hire an outside consultant to do the study.

            Thill also reports on projections for enrollment.  Next year the target is 8500 FTE.  The growth is occurring because the Universities have been released from the System Enrollment management and UW-L needed to increase enrollment to hit revenue target because out-of-state and graduate student numbers were lower than expected.


General Education program recommendations

The report is available online.  Among the suggestions are:

            -Rename General Education à University Core

            -creation of UW-L 110 and UW-L 300 – they would be required courses

            -there would be 50-75 students per class; the classes would be team

            taught by faculty

            -cut number of Gen. Ed credits from 48 to 45


            -is there funding for this?

            -are there faculty willing to teach these classes?

            -who will cover the classes the faculty members used to teach

            -why do we want to require five credits that wouldn’t transfer?

            -how would transfer students fulfill the UW-L 110 requirement?


There is a listening session next Monday, November 21 in 339 CC at 3:30pm.

Program Array

It doesn’t look like the Program Array recommendations will be moving forward.

Chair Report

Jennifer Wilson will be having a panel of those who have successfully completed the Title Review Process.

There will be a Legislator listening session next Monday, November 21, 1:00pm-2:00pm in Cleary Center.

The Board of Regents voted to get rid of back-up appointments for all new hires.

The Academic Staff Council has been given the bulletin board across from the office.  Chair Karpinsky will give a prize to whoever comes up with the best idea for how to use it.

There will be a social after the next Academic Staff Council meeting, place TBA. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:26pm.