Minutes: November 26, 2003

Present:   Graumann, Goudie, Jacobson, Naber, Petersen, Reinert, Sweetmen, Walls, Weiland, Torstveit and Wirkus

Absent:    none

 I.  Chair Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM, welcoming Chris Bakkum’s class as the Council’s guests.

 II.  Approval of the minutes.  M/S/P 

III.             The Council has been asked for input regarding the recommendations for outside activities reporting of academic staff.  M/S/P to accept the recommendations as-is. 

IV.              The Council discussed the Use of Force Policy for campus police, which outlines the protocol they should follow when force is used to control a situation.  No reaction is needed. 

V.                 The Professional Development Committee met November 11, 2002 to review the grant proposals, and made their recommendations for funding.  The total amount funded is $7,815.00.  M/S/P to approve the funding. 

VI.              The Council has been asked to ratify the budget cuts for the current biennium.  M/S/P to accept these reductions. 

VII.           Chair Wirkus shared the Chancellor’s principles/ground rules regarding preparation for the budget deficit.  A total of eleven points were discussed; these points were emailed to the Council members after the meeting.

A.  Chair Wirkus will put in writing to the Chancellor that the Council has reviewed the guidelines.  
            B.  The Council is concerned about creating totally new positions, especially those with high salaries, on campus while there is a budget crisis.  Also, concern was expressed regarding the University not hiring necessary IAS during this time.  It was suggested that the Oversight Committee review the filling and creating of positions.                   
           C.  The Chancellor must release his budget by January 28, 2003.  

VIII.        Cora Marrett’s remarks regarding Engage Wisconsin were shared.  There are three main points: a) student success transcends everything, b) common approaches, c) communicate the University’s story/approaches. 

IX.              George Brooks, Linda Weimer, and Cora Marrett’s remarks were all shared from the Madison Rep Meeting.  Brookes reported on IAS issues.  Weimer stated that Wisconsin has a $2.8 billion deficit, and the communities perceive the University System to have a great deal of money (make the universities pay more/cut more from their budgets).  Marrett had stressed communication with the public to decrease misconceptions of the universities.   

X.                 The meeting between the FS and ASC Bylaws Committees was cancelled.  The ASC Executive Committee will approach the FS Executive Committee to discuss what steps can be taken to make the IAS more involved on campus. 

XI.              Strategic Plan Update:  The authors are taking feedback to incorporate into their rewrite, which they hope to have completed by the end of December for the Chancellor’s approval.  Billy Clow and Chris Bakkum will be doing a full rewrite of the plan; no major conceptual changes will occur, but the plan will be made more readerly.  The FS Executive Committee wants to see Colleen Miron appointed by the Provost to do the rewrite. 

XII.           Vice Chair Naber had charged committees with certain responsibilities, the results of which will be reported to the Council in January.  The Chairs of those committees will be called to see if they have enough information to bother reporting; a second meeting on January 14, 2003 may be scheduled if necessary. 

XIII.        The Council has been asked for recommendations for the use of 128 dollars to help out with budget problems.  128 dollars are student-generated funds that fluctuate with enrollment – they’re earmarked for student fees and aren’t supposed to fund non-student-related things.  However, the state funded 102 dollars will be cut. 

XIV.        Chair Wirkus shared a “Citizens for HIRE” letter, which introduced the lobbying group Citizens for Higher Education organization.  The organization is asking for funding from interested persons. 

XV.           Prior to Council meetings, both electronic and hard copy pertinent documents shall be distributed to Council members, in order to save time by allowing the members to be more fully prepared for discussion. 

XVI.        A holiday gathering for all academic staff has been proposed for December 17, 2002, after the Council meeting concludes at 4:30PM.  A suggested location is the Eagle’s Nest, with the possibility of bringing veggie trays, etc. to share. 

XVII.     Adjournment.  

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA