Minutes: November 27, 2001 

Present:   Cantona, Graumann, Goudie, Jacobson, Naber, Petersen, Reinert, Sweetmen, Walls, and Wirkus

Absent:    Weiland


I.  Chair, Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:02 PM. 

II.  New Business 

A.  The Future Search Conference is January 23-25, 2002. There was discussion regarding who will self-nominate. They are: Chair, Wirkus; Vice-Chair Naber; June Reinert, Dan Sweetman, and Lynn Weiland.

B.  The Instructional staff titling issue is being addressed by the Title Review Committee. Chair, Brad Quarberg, will be giving a report. 

C.  Regarding the Inauguration week (4/8-4/12), Chair Wirkus asked the Council to think about special activities that they could sponsor.

D.  Chair Wirkus spoke about the Academic Staff Leadership Conference, which will be held at UW-Parkside, July 18-19, 2002. He also advised that anyone attending would stay on campus, due to the construction around the area. He reminded the Council that 6 constituents could attend.

E.  Barbara Furlano PA made an announcement that she would be out of the office, due to a 10 day training session in Maryland. If anything is needed from the ASC office, please let her know ASAP.

F.   The Committee Reports followed as scheduled.

Carla Burkhardt presented the names and funding, that were  awarded for the Professional Development Grants submissions. She also gave the deadline dates for 2002. Feb. 25, 2002 is the deadline for the Professional Development Grant proposals and March 1, 2002 is the deadline for the nomination of the Academic Staff Excellence Award. 

Brad Quarberg reported on the Title Review Committee. He had a handout detailing the committee’s charges for this academic school year. There was discussion regarding UW-La Crosse’s position on not addressing any new titles, as the Provost feels the current structure is adequate. 

Gil Standridge reported on the Joint Physical Facilities committee. He spoke about Larry Lebiecki’s retirement, the new position of Campus Planner and other topics including Badger Street construction, the Memorial for current students and faculty who pass away, the 9/11    memorial tree, heightened alert for bio-chemical threats, bike racks, parking, Res Hall Study and smoking and more. 

Judy Nieman reported on the Salary and Personnel committee’s charges for this academic year. She spoke about rolling contracts, morale of employees, equity and title changes, evaluation procedures, May and J Terms, and a mentoring program for new employees. She also suggested inviting Dean Roter to a meeting for an open discussion.

June Reinert reported on the Travel and International Education committee, in which she is the only Academic Staff person on the committee. Currently they are working on the wording of the by-laws pertaining to the committee’s duties and responsibilities. They have not been able to address the policies of J and May Term or the procedures for the evaluation of International Education programs on this campus. 

G.  Vice-Chair Naber outlined the committee reports for the December 18 meeting.

III.  Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Furlano, PA