Minutes: January 14, 2008

Present: Leahy, Brunk, Vahala, Burton, Richter, Dodge,

Excused:  Van Roosenbeek, Weiland,

Guest: Tim Walls,

Meeting called to order at 1:17pm. 

Approval of Minutes 

Will be done at the next meeting as they were not sent out due to email being down. 

Joint Planning and Budget

The new members have been appointed and the academic staff members of the committee will be meeting on Wednesday.  The new academic staff members are Chris Bakkum and Larry Sleznikow with Travis Erickson and Karla Stanek as alternates.  We are planning on having the alternates attend all the meetings for Joint Budget and Planning.  

Salary and Personnel

Brunk distributed copies of the A.S.K. flyer, the Supervisor “New Hire” Checklist and the New Hire Checklist.  Have discussed doing an orientation, what information needs to get out that people are receiving.  Have talked to recent hires and HR.  The committee created the two checklists; one would be sent to the new hire’s supervisor with the contract.  The checklist to be sent to the new hire would be sent with the A.S.K. flyer.  Would also like to give them a list of helpful web links they could use or could send out an email with the links listed.  One Council member suggested that the items for the new hire could be made into a PDF file which could be emailed out.

The committee has also been working on a new staff orientation.  HR has suggested starting with one orientation in July and then later expanding to once a semester.  Ideas for the orientation:

-          welcome from Chancellor/Provost, Academic Staff Council chair(s)

-          basic sick leave, vacation time, paid holidays, health plans and insurance coverage, travel policy, WRS investments, viewing HR records, employee handbook

-          official UW-L work hours

-          IT, email

-          Staff ID card

-          Information of UW-L sexual harassment online tutorial

-          Code of ethics

-          Campus calendar, map

-          Take pictures of new hires for Council or HR web page

-          End meeting with a Vanguard giving a tour

Discussed that it may be good to hand deliver the information packet, speak to the new hire and possibly take a picture.  Also distributed was a list of items to give links to.

One major issue is who will do the orientation; ultimately it falls to the Academic Staff Council.  Would be ideal if before the end of the spring semester, much of the plans were laid: room booked, date put on necessary speakers’ schedules, etc. 

The bylaws of the committee need looked at and amended to include the new hire orientation in the chair’s responsibilities.   

Professional Development

The committee has spent time collecting information from other professional development committees throughout the UW System.  The committee is working a new application which they hope to have ready by the time the next application period begins in March.  The new version would have a more detailed budget portion.  Many other campuses only cover a certain amount of the request.  The committee is still working on dealing with instructional academic staff and including them in the pool of people who are eligible for professional development grants.   

Shared Governance Policy

Will likely be voting on it at the January 28th meeting.  Many campuses have already voted it down. 

Contractual Language

The representatives’ group sent a letter to President Reilly which said that he is not aware of any campus that is in violation of UPG 3.05(3) which requires that academic staff be considered for a multiple year contract after they have worked at an institution for seven years.  This is an issue we are planning on bringing to Chancellor Gow.  Chancellor Gow and Jennifer Wilson were CC’ed on the letter from President Reilly.  Need to look into how many people are getting a one year contract and how many are receiving a multiple year contract.

Collective Bargaining

Several academic staff met with Jennifer Shilling in December to talk about her support of a bill in the legislature which would allow faculty and academic staff to gain collective bargaining rights.  The academic staff members brought up their concern over the decoupling of staff and faculty.  Members of the ATF Union were also present.  Shilling has signed on as a supporter of the bill.  The bill is asking the state for the right to vote on issues on campus.   

Excellence Nomination

This year there is a new award for a program.  The definition of a program is basically a department or unit.  This year will nomination the Campus Climate Office.  Chair Richter will contact the department and then Chancellor Gow. 

Semester Goals

-communication and visibility – monthly email,

-candidates for the elections   

Meeting adjourned at 2:47pm.