Minutes: December 10, 2007

Present: Brunk, Robinson, Richter, Lo, Burton, Van Roosenbeek, Weiland, Dodge, Leahy, Heyer, Vahala

Guests: Gow, Hetzel 

Meeting called to order at 1:18pm. 

Two guests: Chancellor Joe Gow and Vice-Chancellor Bob Hetzel.  Vice-Chancellor Hetzel came to introduce himself.  He would like to come speak with the Council once or twice a semester.  It was great to have Co-Chair Richter at the Board of Regents meeting along with the Faculty Senate Chair and Student Association President.  Vice-Chancellor Hetzel would like to come back at the beginning of the second semester since the main topic today is the approval of Growth, Quality and Access.  With that, the discussion was turned over to Chancellor Gow. 

Chancellor Gow touched on how great it is that the Vice Chancellor has a background in Resident Life, which multiple council members were also happy about.  He also recapped last week’s Board of Regents meeting last week where campus leaders and local legislators spoke in favor of Growth, Quality and Access which was then approved on Friday. 

Now the question is how to do planning for implementation of Growth, Quality and Access.  There will be an oversight committee.  How is the best way to begin that process?  How will we be accountable to ourselves?  We need to make sure we are doing this the right way.  It needs to be a fair and good process.   


When will we start hiring?  The money will start to be collected in Fall of 2008.   Will start hiring then.

How many new students will that entail?  500 but 200 of them are already here because the first year class was increased from 1500 to 1700+ in the recent past.  However, only the students who start in Fall 2008 will pay the tuition increase.  It will take 3-4 years to increase enrollment by the 500 amount. 

What if a student stops out for a semester?  If they stop for a medical reason or family problems, they will not have to pay the increased tuition.  If they take a break because they are unsure of what they want to do, etc the increased tuition will be applied to them. 

How often will we be audited?  We have to report to System once a year and at the five year mark we have to go back to the Regents and show what we have done.  We will likely be audited by the legislature after 3 or 4 years.  

Council members expressed a desire that the oversight committee be numerical representative of faculty, staff, students and classified staff.  Also make sure that the oversight group isn’t too big which would result in not much getting done. 

The Council also brought up the fact that the Joint Planning and Budget committee’s make up is not representative of the campus and dominated by faculty.  Chancellor Gow suggested that a conversation about the committee make up needs to be held with staff, faculty, students and classified staff. 

Vice Chancellor Hetzel talked about everyone needing to know what’s going on throughout the budget process because right now each little piece is determined by a different group without everyone realizing how all the decisions are made or how the result came about.  The Council expressed a strong interest in being able to have that information and participate in the process.  

Chancellor Gow expressed that we need to make sure we’re doing what’s needed for students so we can defend the tuition hike for the new students next fall.  We need to look at what’s best for current and future students.  We also need to have a way set up so that people feel like they are being heard.  It is disappointing that Joint Planning and Budget has not been an example of that.  A Council member also expressed that in the past it seemed that Joint Planning and Budget worked on items all year but their work was brushed aside and decisions were made without their input.   

The oversight committee will work on which departments need the new academic staff positions the most, in addition in how to spend the money.  Will need to factor in how long it would take to fill the different positions.  It was suggested that the oversight committee have staggered terms so that you’re not getting all new people every year because too much time would be dedicated to catching up.   

The money we did get from the legislature will be used towards financial aid.  The money from Growth, Quality and Access will go for 75 instructional positions, 30 academic support positions and 10% of it for supplies.   

Academic Initiatives – there is a quarter million dollar reserve in the funds.  There was an original understanding of the university matching the dollars.  However, this was not included in the proposal.  The matching dollars from the university have been coming from a one-time fund instead of a base fund.   

The Council wanted to express that Academic Staff are very willing to serve on the oversight committee.  

Vice Chancellor Hetzel encouraged that Council to have representation at the Joint Planning and Budget meeting this week. 

There have been some people on campus who think that Joint Budget and Planning should become the oversight committee.  The Council expressed the opinion that this is a whole new plan and process which should require a new committee.   

Approval of Minutes

First, Brunk. Second, Robinson.  APPROVED.

Sick Leave Reporting

After the Board of Regents meeting, there are some new rules that will go into effect in January.   

Collective Bargaining

Jennifer Shilling will be meeting with Council representatives this Friday at 8:00am to get their input on the bill which she has been asked to co-sponsor.   

Media Coverage

Disappointed in the lack of mention of academic staff in the coverage of the Growth, Quality and Access coverage.  The campus reporter from the Tribune has been contacted about this and has offered to a feature about academic staff in the future. 

Contractual Language and Length

Leahy contacted staff at other campuses to see what they have.  Most campuses have language similar to ‘no intention to renew’.  Many of the offer contracts longer than one year after seven years of employments.  The Systems Representatives sent a letter to President Reilly asking that he do an audit of the contracts across the System. 

Shared Governance Principles and Guidelines

Don’t have anything statewide.  Have a document to present to the Council to vote on; need a response by February.  There is one item that is optional: having the System Rep being the same person as the Council Chair. 

Nomination for the Program Award

How should be nominate a program?  Would like to get the definition of ‘program’.  There is one in the information on the award but it is very broad.  Deadline of March 1st.   Could ask for self-nominations from the campus.  Leahy will contact the appropriate person to get more details. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm.