Minutes: December 12, 2006

Present:  Robinson, Heyer, Veglahn, Karpinsky, Richter, Jacobson, Brunk, Hoeft,

Van Roosenbeek

Absent:  Weiland

Meeting began 3:08 p.m. 

Approval of minutes – Richter/Van Roosenbeek

Committee Reports

-Joint Planning and Budget are gathering information on the Growth and Access and getting updates from the four teams.  There is concern there is lack of respect and collaboration on this committee.  A suggestion was made to ask for the meeting agenda ahead of time so members on this committee can add their items to the agenda.  It is important that academic staff concerns receive attention too.

-The committee is also working with System to figure out what we can do regarding Minnesota reciprocity.  It was understood we can charge Minnesota residents what we want and now we are no longer sure on this.  If Minnesota residents pay less it will affect the amount of money we receive. 

-Salary and Personnel committee has only met once and is still working on who will step forward as the chair of this committee. 

-Bylaws meeting scheduled for Friday, December 8th will be rescheduled for a later date. Hong Rost will replace Dan Widuch who is taking an instructional position in the Therapeutic Recreation Department.

Pat sent a Committee Planning Form to each committee but has not yet received this information back from any of the committees.

AS Rep

-An open teleconference meeting is scheduled for December.  The BOR will talk about peer comparison data and shared governance.  Al Crist will also talk about the compensation package.

-It was suggested that the AS reps from around the state attend each BOR meeting.  The AS Reps will try to rotate among members to attend.

-A recommendation was made to review the health statement in the Choice Booklet under the exclusions section.  It states that an employee will pay for hormones.  There seems to be a conflict in what they say and what they will pay for.  We may need to renegotiate the health plan.  Deb will bring this up at the next AS Rep meeting to Al Crist.

BOR Meeting

-They approved the background check.

- 5.23% pay increase is being proposed for over the next two years for faculty and staff.           

   It will be funded with “compensation reserve”

-40 letters of support for the Wisconsin Growth Agenda have been received.  The ASC letter of support was sent last week and was forwarded to Doyle, BOR, and local politicians.

Legislative Affairs Bureau (LAB) Report

-There is concern that the sick leave conversion we currently have may be changed.

Academic Staff Salary Document

-Discussion on this will be delayed until after the reps meeting on Thursday so we can have more discussion on it.

Chairs Report

-The alcohol group will have their next meeting around January 18th or 19th

-An open forum to review the design for the new academic building will be held on Monday, December 18th, Valhalla, Cartwright Center.  The forum will take will run from 10:00 a.m. – noon.


-Carmen Wilson is doing an assessment on faculty and their effectiveness.  She was asked to do one on academic staff too, but wants us to partner with her on doing this.  We will need to gather more information on this first.

Meeting adjourned 4:24 p.m.


Next Executive Committee meeting: January 16

Next Full Council meeting:  January 23

Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk