Minutes: December 17, 2002

Present: Wirkus, Naber, Graumann, Jacobson, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, Sweetman, Petersen

Absent: Weiland 

  1. Call to order 3:02pm
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P
  3. Vice Chair Naber will circulate the newest draft of the Strategic Plan.  The Committee will have it between now and the end of the break, and will meet the Wednesday after break.  A copy of the plan draft will then go out to all governance groups once more.  Afterwards, it will hopefully be given to the Chancellor by spring break.
  4. The latest on the budget at Chair Wirkus’ meeting with the Chancellor was discussed.  The discussion focused on Jim Doyle’s appearance at WWTC on Monday.
  5. Mary Torstveit reported on the All University Committee (“Chancellor’s Chat Group”).  There seems to be no clear mission of this committee yet, although communication between faculty, academic staff, and classified staff has been stressed by the members.  The committee will convene after January 1; June Reinert suggested the committee takes time to develop mission steps.
  6. Vice Chair Naber discussed the bylaws update/change with the ASC.  The Executive Committees of the Faculty Senate and the ASC will meet on 12/19/02 to discuss IAS issues and how to make IAS more involved on campus.  Also, Vice Chair Naber re-word processed the bylaws and forwarded it to the Bylaws Committee, which will meet on 1/22/03.  The ASC will see the revised bylaws on 1/28/03 and will vote on them in February.
  7. Committees will report to the Council in January.
  8. Scott Rhode has requested an alternate to serve on the System Compensation Committee, which meets twice a year.  Chair Wirkus will contact Patricia Anderson to see who appoints people to this committee.
  9. The Provost’s Office has asked Chair Wirkus for information regarding academic staff layoffs.  They do not mean that academic staff will be laid off, but they wish to understand the procedures.  The Consultative Layoff Committee has not been formally called to convene by the Chancellor. 
  10. Adjournment for Cartwright
    1. 4:17PM


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA