Minutes: January 23, 2006

Present: Jacobson, Weiland, Johnson-Sage, Veglahn, Richter, Herling, Karpinsky, Brunk, Reinert, Heyer

Guests: Betsy Morgan, Terry Wirkus

Called to order at 3:10pm 

Approval of Minutes

            Richter – Johnson-Sage APPROVED

Betsy Morgan – IAS Career Progression

1)     IAS under Faculty Senate 2005-06

2)     5 key issues

3)     Titling determines whether staff are under Faculty Senate or ASC.  Will be pushed for this year

4)     Volatility of IAS service issues with Career Progress – part time v. full time

5)     Workload – 15 credits, 12 and related activities

-          financial implications

-          fairness issues for those who move from 12-15 credits

-          adopt 15 credits and got career progression

6)     Contract language, no change is likely (hire/fire)

7)     Multiple year contracts

-          difficult to justify under economic conditions

-          legal, ethical issues of concern raised by members

8)     Impact on ASC

-          change by-laws

-          AS who occasionally teach

-          coaches may have several contracts

-          collective bargaining impact

9)     To be considered at Faculty Senate in February – seeking joint proposal from IAS committee and the Provosts

 Terry Wirkus – ASPRO Rep.

-SB452 – Collective Bargaining

            -ASPRO has taken a stand against the bill

            -could require up to 30+ units bargaining for

                        -consistency, distribution of resources, inequality, infighting

                        -decoupling of Faculty and AS for salary increased

            -see talking points

            -TAUWP seems to be supporting the bill

            -need to educate Senator Kapanke and meet with him

 Motion: Academic Staff will meet with Senator Dan Kapanke to discuss SB 452 –Brunk – Veghaln APPROVED

            The Executive Committee will meeting with the Senator.  Academic Staff are encouraged to contact their senators about SB452

            -ASPRO membership was discussed and encouraged by Terry Wirkus 

Academic Calendar

            Heyer – Veglahn APPROVED 

Bylaws Committee

            Looked at percentage of AS in units and adjusted the number of seats each gets on ASC

Motion: Approved reapportionment Jacobson – Brunk APPROVED

AS Rep Report

            -The Leadership Conference is in jeopardy of not being run in 2006

            -AS disciplinary issues

                        - a summary is forth coming

            - RA policy, much activity 


            There are five spots open this year.  The committee is working on setting up electronic voting.


            The Provost will be attending the February ASC meeting and would like to know what topics the Council would like to discuss.  Email questions to Pat Karpinsky.  Suggested: 10% removed from salary package – Chancellor’s discretion.

Chair’s Report

            Regent Crain visit – January 24

            Regent Semenas visit – February 1; 11:30-12:20

            Involved with a group working on smoking cessation.  Looking at ways to make campus smoke free          

Search and Screens

            Student Development is on schedule

AS Excellence Award Nomination Sheets are available online and outside the ASC office.  Professional Development Grant applications will be available March 6 and due March 31. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.