Minutes: January 23, 2007 

Present:  Heyer, Robinson, Van Roosenbeek, Veglahn, Richter, Hoeft, Brunk, Jacobson 

Absent:  Weiland

Meeting began  3:09 p.m.

Approval of minutes  Heyer/Robinson

Committee Reports

-Joint Planning and Budget – Wednesday, January 24th meeting cancelled. 

-Salary and Personnel Committee – no recent meetings.  Willem will email Guy Herling about initiating a meeting in February.

-Bylaws Committee – next meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 25th to work on a draft of the bylaws and put things together for the elections. 

-Professional Development Committee – Tim Walls recently emailed all AS with information on the Professional Development Excellence Awards. 

-Student Misconduct Committee – A hearing was held last week on a non academic situation in one of the residence halls.

AS Rep Meeting

-At the December 14th teleconference meeting it was decided to form a committee on shared governance.  They also talked about the search for a new Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs replacing Cora Marrett who left in November to take a different position.

 Pay Plan

     Bill Colclough, Interim Vice Chancellor sent a letter to the governing body Chairs asking recommendations be submitted to him no later than February 15, 2007.  A recommendation similar to last year’s will be reviewed and sent out to Academic Staff Council members to review and vote on. The Pay Plan is being asked for earlier than usual this year but will not go into affect until after the budget is approved. ASC can vote on this at our February 13th meeting and then forward our recommendations to Bill Colclough.  Debbie has asked Bill to come to our February 13th meeting to allow us to ask questions about the Pay Plan.

Briefing Paper

Many groups on campus are preparing Briefing Papers for our new Chancellor to review and understand what each group is focused on.   ASC will also prepare a Briefing Paper for Chancellor Gow to review.  It will include information on who academic staff are and concerns about indefinite appointments   ASC will also include bullets on the Celebration of Excellence, Helping our Own food pantry, number of applicants at UW-L, number of students served by the Academic Advising Center, Professional Development grants given out, and the Fall Kick Off event.  Debbie volunteered to create a draft of this.

Invitation to Dr. Gow for February ASC meeting

Dr. Gow may attend the February ASC meeting if this fits with his schedule.  Nancy Sedbrook has put all of our meetings on his calendar.  Depending on his schedule he may attend the February 13th meeting.


Pat Karpinsky resigned her position as a Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Student Health Center and as Chair of Academic Staff Council.  She filed a grievance and was informed her grievance was in fact null and void because she had resigned her position at UW-L.  Willem reviewed the grievance policy with Jennifer Wilson (HR) which does not clearly state whether a grievance is null and void if the employee is no longer employed after the grievance is filed.  Willem will contact Al Crist to review this policy and what direction ASC should and/or can take.  If we are told “no” on this matter, we will request the statute that confirms their decision.  At the very least ASC would like to see the Grievance Committee meet and rewrite the guidelines to have a clearer explanation of what can be done.  

Chairs Report

A reminder from the C-3 meeting of the all campus forum on the Growth and Access plan will be held on February 2nd.  We all need to help spread the word for staff to attend this event.  Chancellor Gow plans to attend the event to listen.

Team I (Dean’s Team) looked at what we need compared to other institutions and found we currently would need 70 more faculty just to be equal to other institutions similar to UW-L.   If we add the 1000 students, we would need an additional 72 faculty This is not even taking into account the number of new staff members we would need.

Faculty Senate is doing a survey  for faculty to seek input on the Dean’s Offices and Administrative offices.  The survey will only be sent to faculty. 

Meeting ended 4:37 p.m.

Next meeting: February 13

Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk