Minutes: January 27, 2004

Present:  Wirkus, Naber, Walls, Torstveit, Karpinsky, Weiland, Herling, Reinert, Goudie, Sweetman 

Excused:  Johnson-Sage 

I.                   Call to order 3:00pm. 

II.                Approval of Minutes M/S/P 

III.             Tuition Differential projects (Luke and Laura unable to attend)

a.      Petra Roter discussed Tuition Differential projects with the ASC.  The Diversity and Advising initiatives are not yet implemented, but other initiatives have been approved and are in the implementation process.  However, feedback is still being solicited.

b.      ASC feedback for the Oversight Committee:

                                                              i.      Be sure the ASC can look at the proposal once a new proposal is developed.

                                                            ii.      Communication needs to be extensive when facilitating the “seamless advising system.”

                                                          iii.      What services to students need in an advising center?

                                                          iv.      Does the advising center have the potential to create more problems if the communication isn’t up to par?   

IV.              Chair Naber will email the ASC Calendar of Events for Spring Semester to all academic staff in a week.  Vice Chair Wirkus will post the calendar on the website. 

V.                 Walls reported that the Professional Development Grant proposal packets can be dispersed beginning February 18, and will be due on March 24.  The Excellence Award nomination forms can be dispersed on February 16 and are due back March 25. 

VI.              Vice Chair Wirkus reported on the Consultative Layoff Committee.  The Committee met last week with Jennifer Wilson, who explained the difference between non-renewal and lay-off, to go over the committee bylaws.  The Faculty Senate must address the issue of non-renewed IAS, since there currently is not a grievance procedure in place for them. 

VII.           Chair Naber reported that the By Laws Committee will meet February 10, and will recommend that terms of Joint Committee members be extended to two years. 

VIII.        Weiland reported on the UW System Rep meeting on January 15.  Brooks and McConnel will be addressing the rolling horizon contract issue at the next Regents meeting.  Chuck McConnel will also be retiring soon.  Also, classified staff may have one more holiday added to their contracts, possibly as a floating holiday. 

IX.             Old Business

a.      The process to complete a white paper of statistics for Provost Hitch has begun.  Areas to gather data from have been outlined.

b.      The Faculty Senate Executive Committee is looking over the Joint Committee modifications proposed by Chair Naber.  Faculty Senate Chair Hoar will contact the ASC to discuss this issue. 

X.                New Business

a.      A card of sympathy should be sent to Chartwells staff on the death of Chef Paul.

b.      John Davis emailed the Parking Appeals Committee to notify them that he will be attending future meetings.

XI.             Next Meetings

a.      Executive Committee: Feb. 17, 7:45am, 217 GMH

b.      Full Council:  Feb. 24, 3:00pm, 104 Wing 

XII.          Adjourned:  4:29pm  

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA