Minutes: January 28, 2003 

Present:   Graumann, Reinert, Petersen, Sweetman, Naber, Weiland, Wirkus, Torstveit, Walls, and Jacobson 

Excused:    Goudie 

I.  Chair Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:01 PM. 

II.  Minutes from December 17 Full Council meeting approved. 

III.  Committee reports were given by June, Mary, Bill, Dan, and Marcia. 

a.  June: The International Education Committee has not yet met.

b.  Mary: The Title Review Committee met and forwarded names to the Provost, all of which were approved.

c.  Bill: The Planning and Budget Committee is composed of faculty, academic staff, and students.  They are inviting politicians to attend their next meeting.

d.  Dan: The Search and Screen Committee has met twice to review positions, which were approved and forwarded to the Provost and HR.

e.  Marcia: Bylaws Committee (below) 

IV.     Bill Gresens is requesting an academic staff representative for the Foundation Grants Review Committee.  Gail Kettner was recommended by Mary Torstveit. 

V.      The distribution pay plan is due from campus by March 1.  Wayne Jacobson has suggested that 100% be for solid performance (including the Chancellor’s discretionary fund), or else 95% for solid performance and 5% for merit.  The recommendation will be sent to Ron Lostetter for his approval. 

VI.     The ASC and Faculty Senate Executive Committees have met twice, once with the Provost and Greg Wegner and once with Greg Wegner, regarding the IRAS issue.  The Faculty Senate will look at its committee structures, which exclude IAS, the evaluation process of IAS, and IAS career progression.  Also, the Provost’s Council will examine the philosophy of IAS (career progression, etc) and talk about what IAS should be (long term, short term, etc).  Chair Wirkus and VC Naber suggested conducting an IAS survey covering governance, feeling welcome, and other issues relating to IAS. 

VII.    ASC members should think of questions for the Chancellor’s visit on March 25th.  The list will be compiled during the February FC meeting. 

VIII.   VC Naber presented a timeline approved by the Bylaws Committee for this year’s election.  M/S/P for use by ASC.

a.      Vacancies (4):

A.     1 At Large (Bill)

B.     1 Colleges (Lori Petersen)

C.     2 Student Development (Wayne, June) 

IX.      VC Naber shared the revised bylaws with the ASC.  MSP to accept the changes.  Also, a second vote will be conducted at the Feb. 11 meeting. 


X.       February 5th gathering in Madison.  Cocktail party/reception.


XI.    A January Reps Meeting report was given by Wayne.

a.  The following issues were discussed at the January Reps meeting: pay plan distribution of academic staff, classified pay plans, TA’s at Madison and Milwaukee have not had their pay plan approved.  Also discussed were the separation of personal risk management and procurement from DER, unfair budget cuts for UWS, Regents turmoil, and state legislators who have issues with the university system. 

XII.    Budget update/Chancellor’s meeting 1-27-03

a.  Freezing hiring and out-of-state travel with few exceptions (at Chancellor’s discretion). Money saved by this action will go to state coffers, not back to the university.

b.  UWL must give $290,000 to UWS by June 30th.  This is a one-time lapse, and will not come out of the base budget.

c.  The next budget discussion is next Tuesday at 8:30, and will include the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee, all deans, Marcia, and Bill. 

XIII.   Sarah’s spring hours were shared by Chair Wirkus.

XIV.   Nelda Manter would like to use part of her Professional Development Grant as a donation to Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, and the rest to bring in another speaker, instead of using the money for her proposed grant.  She will need to obtain an invoice from Franciscan Skemp in order to do so. 

XV.    Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:21 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA