Minutes: January 28, 2008 

Present: Lo, Burton, Van Roosenbeek, Robinson, Richter, Dodge, Leahy (via telephone), Vahala, Heyer

Excused: Brunk, Weiland,


Meeting called to order at 1:19pm


Approval of Minutes

Move to approve December 10th minutes APPROVED

Move to approve January 14th minutes      APPROVED


System Rep Report

Shared Governance Policy – about half of the campuses have not voted in favor of the proposal.  A vote is needed by February 15th.  We will look at what the other campuses have said and vote on this issue at the next Full Council meeting.


Academic Staff Regents Award for Excellence – Program

For this year, the Council will choose the program.  For the future, we are looking to charge the Professional Development Committee with overseeing the nomination process.  We need four letters of support in addition to the Chancellor’s letter.  Places to ask: Student Association, Residence Life, Affirmative Action, UW-L 100 (Betsy Morgan), Academic Staff Council.  Co-chair Van Roosenbeek will take charge of contacting the appropriate people.


Contractual Length discussion

The co-chairs and Academic Representative met with the Chancellor this morning.  HR was asked to provide information on academic staff contract lengths based on year of service and we did receive this information last week.  Van Roosenbeek will forward this information to the full Council. Chancellor Gow encouraged them to meet with the Vice Chancellor.  This has been set up for February 11th.  There is also the problem the some supervisors don’t let their employees know when they are eligible to try for a multi-year contract.  The Chancellor understands that this issue is related to morale.  Right now, there is a concern because of the recent announcement that the state is short roughly $400 million dollar and we don’t know how that will affect us. 


Pay Plan

The Statewide group sent a non-binding resolution to the Governor asking him not to decouple academic staff and faculty.  We would like to send a similar resolution.  The Council will work on the resolution and let the IAS committee, Faculty Senate, and the Chancellor know about it.  Co-chair Van Roosenbeek will work on the resolution and send it out for an electronic vote as soon as possible. 


Collective Bargaining

The resolution passed out of the committee and will now go to the whole Senate.  A different resolution is being introduced in the Assembly.  It is not likely that there will be a vote during this legislative session.


Committee Reports

Joint Planning and Budget

Reviewed the Growth, Quality and Access plan.  Talked about how to distribute the new hires for next year.  The plan is that this year the Deans will make recommendations.  Joint Budget and Planning will be more involved for the hiring for the 2009-2010 academic year.  The plan for new hires for 2008-2009 is one position in admissions, two positions in financial aid and one position in OMSS.

All academic staff representatives and the alternatives came to the meeting and the conversation was more balanced between faculty and staff than in the past. 


Salary and Personnel

Discussion on when would be the best time to do new NIAS orientation and other ways to get the information to the proper people.  


Chairs’ Report

Getting information out the Academic Staff – talking about doing a newsletter and have a rough draft.  It will highlight our activities, successes and members of the Council.  Would like to encourage new hires to come to a Council meeting. 

Discussed sending out a survey to NIAS. 

Meeting with President Reilly – The former representative learned that he is not considered academic staff so Troy Richter has been appointed to the committee.  The group meets with President Reilly 2-3 times a year. 

Recruitment for elections – Members were encouraged to recruit new people to run for the Council. 



It was suggested that we invite Al Trapp and Mike Desmond to the next meeting to talk about the stadium and the academic building.  This information should be included in the newsletter. 


There is a Joint Planning and Budget website up now.  The link will be included in the minutes. 


There will be a Brown Bag lunch next Tuesday, February 5 in 257 Cartwright at noon to talk about the staff/faculty bus pass.  Anyone who attends this meeting will receive a temporary bus pass to try it out. 


Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm.