Minutes: December 9, 2003

Present: Naber, Wirkus, Torstveit, Herling, Sweetman, Karpinsky, Weiland, Walls, Reinert, Johnson-Sage

Absent: Goudie 

  1. Call to order.
  2. Approval of minutes.  M/S/P
  3. Chair Naber shared the Professional Development Grant and International Grant recipients, and Category A academic staff who were approved for career progression.  All Search and Screen committees are underway, and all the ASC recommendations were accepted by HR and the Provost to serve on the committees.  The Women’s Advisory Committee “Campus Climate Survey” is now online, though it is not yet finalized.
  4. Gil Standridge reported on the progress of the Joint Physical Facilities Committee, which is now chaired by Bob Wingate.  Matt Lewis discussed the master exterior campus plan with the committee.  Its purpose is to enhance pedestrian/vehicle routes, landscaping, signage, etc.  The committee also addressed parking issues and non-smoking near building entrances.  Standridge also stated that the naming of the Mitchell Hall fieldhouse has been tabled.
  5. Vice Chair Wirkus reported for the Joint Minority Affairs Committee, with information from Karolyn Bald.  The McNair mentoring program for students, staff, and faculty was discussed, as well as increased multicultural student recruitment and retention efforts.  The committee members also addressed the length of service on the committee, preferring that it be extended to have some continuity.
  6. Herling reported for the Athletics Committee.  It has met five times this semester, and has focused mainly on the budget.  Increasing revenue to offset the college’s deficit has been considered, with such methods as raising ticket prices and cutting athlete shoe allowances.  Joe Baker would like to develop a new budget structure to better deal with another budget crisis, should one come in the future.  HPERTE is doing better with revenue and is ahead of the budget, despite the deficit.
  7. Vice Chair Wirkus reported for the Planning and Budget Committee.  Some out-of-state students, such as grad assistants and athletes, pay reduced tuition, so now UWL owes the state $1,097,000 for 2003-2004.  The committee will next be meeting on December 10.
  8. Old Business
    1. The Salary and Personnel Committee met with Dean Roter, who will look at returning multi-year contracts and will not automatically issue one-year contracts.
  9. New Business
    1. Herling reported that the TRAC Committee will discuss the advising center issue with the Student Senate.  The Oversight Committee proposes that the advising center have a director, four advisors, and peer advisors, who report to the Dean of Student Development.  If the students approve this plan, then it will go to the governance groups.
    2. FYI: the Bylaws and Consultative Layoff committees need to be convened.  The ASC should look for revisions to the bylaws, and work further on this in January.  The Consultative Layoff Committee will convene to go over and update its guidelines to be ready in case layoffs occur.
  10. Retreat January 6, 2004 at Doc Powells from 2:30-5:00PM.  The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will be present between 3:00-4:00PM.  Agenda items include the following:
    1. Ways to improve campus morale
    2. How to enhance communication between ASC, Faculty Senate, and the Student Senate.
    3. Joint Committees and ASC involvement
  11. Adjournment 4:20 M/S/P

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA