Minutes: February 24, 2004

Present:  Wirkus, Walls, Torstveit, Karpinsky, Herling, Reinert, Goudie, Sweetman, Johnson-Sage 

Excused:  Naber, Weiland 

I.                     Call to order 3:03pm. 

II.                   Approval of Minutes M/S/P 

III.                  Committee Reports
a.     Larry Sleznikow reported for the Joint Information Technology Services Committee.  He went over the committee’s new website at www.uwlax.edu/joint_its/index.htm.  The two main issues for this committee are security policies and wireless policies for users on campus.  Also, the term length has been extended to two years, rather than one.

b.     Walls reported that the procedure for submitting professional development grants has been revised by the Professional Development Committee.  The committee will also be handing out evaluations to grant recipients in order to promote accountability.  The Council approved these changes.  Walls also stated that the committee has not yet discussed the Excellence Award nominations.

c.      Vice Chair Wirkus presented the by-laws changes as proposed by the Election and Bylaws Committee for Chair Naber.  M/S/P to accept these changes.

d.     Torstveit and Vice Chair Wirkus reported on the Joint Planning and Budget Committee.  There may be a new deficit affecting the 102 accounts, and the state is also pulling out vending revenue of $32,000.  A summery of tomorrow’s meeting will be emailed to Council members before the next Full Council meeting.

e.     Karpinsky reported for the Salary and Personnel Committee.  Official contract lengths for the various types of staff have been announced.  Not all staff will be one-year fixed. 

IV.               Reinert encouraged Council members to complete the Campus Climate survey.

V.                 Vice Chair Wirkus discussed the new dental plan, life insurance plan, unclassified compensation plan, mission statement, and other issues from the Madison Rep meeting.

VI.               The 2004 Leadership Conference will be July 29-30 at UW-Stout.

VII.              Leadership for 2004-2005
a.     Chair -- Marcia Naber
b.     Vice Chair – _______
c.      Madison Rep – Weiland
d.     Secretary – Torstveit
e.     At Large -- Karpinsky

VIII.            Mary Christie will be creating an online voting system for the Academic Staff Council Elections.  M/S/P to approve election nomination petition, to be emailed on Thursday. 

IX.               Adjourned:  4:23pm 


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA