Minutes: February 27, 2006 

Present: Karpinsky, Veglahn, Heyer, Richter, Weiland, Brunk, Reinert, Jacobson, Herling

Excused: Johnson-Sage 

Guest: Provost Hitch

Called to order at 3:00pm.


Motion to approve Veglahn-Heyer APPROVED

Provost Question and Answer

I. Budget and Planning

            -presented overview

            -$800,000 debt – the only lost positions are retirements; changing positions to

            128 funds

            -$150,000 needs to be covered yet

            -Veterans benefits and non-resident tuition will have some impact on future    budgets

            -The Chancellor’s tuition, fiscal solvency plan will be going before the Board of

            Regents in March 2006

II. Funding for Extra Sections, Fall 2006

            -accommodate additional/increase in student population

            -where will we have additional service needs?

III. Expanded Buildings

            -New academic building

                        -significant donor money

IV. IAS Committee – Open Forum (February 24)

            -work load issues, titling, career progression

            -recommendations being accepted based on whether we can afford it

V. Accreditation – NCA

            -good self-study

            -report is well written

            -there are things to work on: mission statement, strategic planning 

Committee Reports

I. Budget and Planning

            -recommend minimum 2 year rolling horizon contracts to AS and IAS after a

            successful review and 6 years of continuous employment

II. Elections and Bylaws

            -issues related to IAS, changes

            -request for nominations is out

            -areas open

                        -colleges – 1

                        -student development – 2

                        -administration – 1

                        -at-large – 1

            -electronic voting

III. Salary and Personnel

Discussion on recommendations.  Approval of recommendations 1-5 [7-1-0.]. Asking for clarification on #6.

Reps Report

I. Limited Term Appointments

II. UW System Disciplinary Policy

-governance groups will be asked for input

II. 2006 Leadership Conference will be at UWEC 

Equity Scorecard

I. No AS rep

II. Will evaluate campus, develop strategic actions and recommendations to the Chancellor.  Institutions are accountable to the System.

 Spector Memo

I. Application to AS indefinite contracts

II. Must submit written comments by April 6, 2006

Search and Screen Updates

I. Dean of Students

            -they will be on campus the next two weeks; try to attend open sessions

II. The other search and screens are on task

Chair’s Report

-SB 452 died in committee

-OCW will have Anne Kritenden as their speaker

            -April 6 presentation: “If you can manage your kids, you can manage anything.”

-HR Website

            -absence from campus

-Excellence Award

            -eight nominations

-Professional Development Grants 

Motion to Adjourn      Brunk-Heyer   APPROVED