Minutes: March 24, 2008

Present: Brunk, Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Lo, Richter, Robinson, Dodge, Vahala, Leahy,  


Excused: Heyer, Weiland


Meeting called to order at 1:23pm.


I. Announcements

There is a meeting tomorrow for a new HR program.  Neither co-chair can attend the meeting.  Dodge volunteered to attend the meeting. 


II. Approval of Minutes

First: Robinson, Second: Richter.  APPROVED


III. System Representative Report

River Falls passed a resolution on collective bargaining.  However, the legislative session ended without action being taken on the bill. 


Some campuses have had System representative come to their campus to get more familiar with governance groups.


At the last Reps meeting, Vicky Washington talked about Inclusive Excellence, which will be the plan to follow Plan 2008.  This is still in development and they would like feedback. 


Compensation Advisory committee – There was a problem with this on some other campuses, where the Chancellor did not asked for input from academic staff or the chosen person was not academic staff.  However, this was a not a problem at UW-L.


IV. Joint Planning and Budget

Vahala passed around a summary of unfunded mandates and financial obligations for the university which was distributed at a JPB meeting.  These items have been paid for in the past but are not addressed in the university budget.  Among them are academic initiatives, veterans fee remissions, common systems, PeopleSoft, the stadium, new academic building and the Health Science Center. 


The new structure of the committee seems to working well. 


V. New Academic Building

A press conference was held this morning.  The university needs to raise $3.5 million for it by August.  There is a plan to ask employees for donations.  The goal is 100% participation. 

VI. Will’s Nomination


Meeting adjourned at 2:36pm.