Minutes: March 27, 2006

Members Present: S. Brunk, G. Herling, W. Jacobson, M. Johnson-Sage, P. Karpinsky, J. Reinert, T. Richter

Members Absent: C. Heyer, K. Van Roosenbeek, D. Veglahn, L. Weiland

Guest: Carmen: Carmen Wilso 

  1. NCA Accreditation
    1. Carmen Wilson, Faculty Senate, presented the Self Study
    2. Issues raised in 1996 self study for last accreditation visit seem to persist today

                                                              i.      Commitment to General Education, program assessment, senior leadership and shared governance and strategic plan, loss of tenure track positions, anxiety over budget

    1. Positives in the Study

                                                              i.      UG research, quality of student life(e.g. low student to RA ratio in residence halls), globalization of campus, innovation among new faculty, proliferation of external partnerships(e.g. School of Education Professional Development Schools)

    1. Council members are encouraged to read the Self Study—at least the introduction for an overview
    2. Dr. Wilson answered questions from Council members
    1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for 2/27/06 Full Council Meeting
    2. APPROVED—Brunk, Jacobson, 7-0-0)
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Budget and Planning—no report
    2. Elections and By-Laws

                                                              i.      ASC election results unofficial as of yet

                                                            ii.      Must consider process for dealing with vacant seat in Student Life

                                                          iii.      April 24, 2006 will seat new Council

                                                           iv.      Council will elect new Executive Committee

  1. Spector Memo
    1. Directed at Faculty

                                                              i.      We await response of Faculty Senate

    1. Council Members should re-read memo in preparation for further discussion in April
  1. Search and Screen Updates
    1. Dean of Student Development has finished successfully with selection of  Dr. Knutson
    2. Special Assistant to the Chancellor

                                                              i.      Three selected to interview

                                                            ii.      Council members encouraged to attend open forums

    1. Dean, College of Science and Health

                                                              i.      3rd and 4th candidates in the process of interviews 

  1. Pay Plan
    1. Discussion regarding option available with potential increase in pay plan
    2. MOTION

                                                              i.      Accept possible pay plan increase to 2.25 % April 2007 to be awarded 1/3 merit and 2/3 solid performance

                                                            ii.      APPROVED—Richter, Jacobson, 7-0-0 

  1. Leadership Conference
    1. July 13-14, 2006, UW-Eau Claire
    2. Those with ideas for topics or who wish to present please contact Pat Karpinsky
    3. The Council will seek financial support from Chancellor in order to send 6 Academic Staff members
  1. Campus Climate Open House March 22, 2006
  1. Campus Technology
    1. Council must forward ideas to Provost by April 15, 2006
    2. Discuss state of technology across campus
  1. Tobacco Cessation
    1. Press conference in April 9, 2006
    2. Status of UW-La Crosse as a State of Wisconsin entity prohibits our going smoke-free
    3. This issue will be evaluated carefully and every effort will be made to reduce smoking on campus
  1. Meeting Adjourned at 4:40 PM