Minutes: March 27, 2007


Present:  Robinson, VanRoosenbeek, Veglahn, Jacobson, Brunk, Richter, Heyer

Absent:  Weiland

Meeting Began  3:10 p.m.

Approval of minutes  Jacobson/Richter 

Collective Bargaining Resolution

Revisions to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Academic Staff Council Resolution were made by Academic Staff Council.  A copy will be forwarded to Chancellor Joe Gow, UW System President Kevin Riley, UW System Board of Regents, UW-La Crosse Faculty Senate, UWL La Crosse Student Association, ASPRO, TAUWP, State Representative Jennifer Shilling and Mike Huesbch, State Senator Dan Kapanke, and Governor Jim Doyle.


Nominees for spring elections include:

  1. Sara Burton
  2. Brenda Leahy
  3. Lynette Lo
  4. Willem Van Roosenbeek
  5. Jim Handley
  6. Mary Beth Valhala

The By-laws do not clearly state what to do when we don’t receive enough nominations for all the openings.  This will be discussed in the near future and will consider making changes to the by-laws to address this situation.

Liz Peyer (ASC Secretary) will also be leaving as she graduates in May.  The committee will need to find a replacement for her position.  This is an LTE, 10-hour a week position. 

Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

The November 14, 2006 minutes reflect that it was decided not to eliminate IAS from receiving Professional Development Grant dollars.  For the 2006/07 academic year, we will leave things as they are, but will discuss the possibility of changing this for next year. 

AS Rep Report

The last Academic Staff Representatives meeting was focused on the collective bargaining issue. A “shared Governance Questionnaire” was developed and sub committees consisting of academic staff reps and sub committees of faculty reps will meet to work on this.

Meeting ended 4:40 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk