Minutes: April 10, 2006

Members Present:  P. Karpinsky, J. Reinert, L. Weiland, D. Veglahn, S. Brunk, C. Heyer

Members Excused:  G. Herling, W. Jacobson, M. Johnson-Sage, K. Van Roosenbeek, and T. Richter

Guest:  Kay Robinson

CALL TO ORDER 3:06 p.m.

    1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for 3/27/06 Full Council Meeting
    2. APPROVED Heyer, Veglahn, (6-0-0)
  1. Election Results
    1. Newly-elected Academic Staff for 2006/07 include:  Kay Robinson, Kristin Hoeft, Patricia Karpinsky and Cary Heyer.
    2. Continuing council members include:  Lynn Weiland, Wayne Jacobson, Sharie Brunk, Troy Richter, Debbie Veglahn, and Katie Van Roosenbeek.
    3. Still a vacancy on Student Development
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Elections and By-Laws

i.        Waiting for Faculty Senate to get their articles rewritten

                       ii.    We need to look at what should happen when we have an open seat

                               and nobody runs for it.

                       iii.   What can we do to encourage more interest and get people to run in

                              the future?

    1. Salary and Personnel-no report
  1. Search and Screen
    1. President Reilly will give a charge on April 19th for the Chancellor Search
    2. Question is who will be on that committee
    3. Nancy Sedbrook from Trane was hired for the Special Assistant to the Chancellor position.
  2. Legislative Listening Session
    1. topics of discussion included:  Taxpayer Amendment, collective bargaining, and Economics of the University
  3. NCA Accreditation
    1. April 24th @ 3:45 p.m., 126 Wing
    2. Review Criterion 4
  4. Orientation
    1. Jennifer Wilson is working on dates for students from WWTC to present to the Academic Staff Executive Committee and/or Salary and Personnel Committee should attend this presentation
  5. UPG’s
    1. The draft of the new UPGs have been sent to for the Council’s review.
  6. Spector Memo
    1. Rep groups will comment when they see how if affects the indefinite contracts. We are awaiting the draft that applies to academic staff and will respond after that is review.
  7. Chair’s Report
    1. Future discussion should we change the council meeting day from Monday to Tuesday?
    2. Should the Executive Committee keep their meeting on Mondays?
  8. Next meeting
    1. April 24th meeting cancelled due to NCA meeting @ 3:45 p.m.
    2. Next ASC meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 8th
    3. Will convene the old council first and then reconvene as the new council

Meeting Adjourned at 3:35 p.m. Reinert/Veglahn