Minutes: April 12, 2005 

Meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm.

I.  Roll Call and Minutes

The last meeting’s minutes were approved.

II. Chair’s Report

             The Internationalization Task Force’s report will be issued next week.  The Council doesn’t plan on taking action on it until the fall.

            The final Executive meeting will be held Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30 a.m. at Panera Bread.  Marcia Naber is treating and feel free to show up even if you aren’t on the Executive Council.

            The Faculty Senate has proposed a task force to study the recent budget reorganization plan that eliminates the College of EESHR.  They would be looking at if the plan is the right thing to do based on their bylaws.

            A report has been issued by the General Education committee.  Please contact Marcia Naber if you would like her to send it to you.

            The National Accreditation Study has started and the Council will look at that in the fall.


III. Salary and Personnel Committee Report and Discussion

            Members of the Salary and Personnel Committee presented their final report with the group.  Their main four goals are:

1.      The Human Resource Office shall expand the current benefits orientation to include information on career progression, equity adjustments, and annual evaluations.

2.   Provide fair and equitable compensation for all academic staff.

3.   Increase employee awareness of eligibility for Academic Staff career progression         and the timeline for completing the process.

4.   Raise awareness of the need across campus for a timely evaluation process for all      academic staff.

The discussion that followed also included input from the Director of Human Resources, Jennifer Wilson.


IV. Report on UW-System Academic Staff Reps meeting

            This meeting was attended by Lynn Weiland who was not present so no report was     


V. Planning and Budget Committee Update

            The Chancellor attended the last meeting and reported that he thought the listening sessions that were held about how UW-L will make the cuts went well.

            The proposal, however, falls about $150,000 short of $1.7 million.  It was unclear how we will reach that number.  Also, there has been talk from the Provost about outsourcing the bookstore.

VI. Old Business

            Copies of the updated bylaws were distributed to all members.

VII. New Business

Parking Appeals Bylaws

            Please send suggestions to Deb Veglahn by next Tuesday; she will forward them on to the Executive committee.

Committee Appointments

            We are in the middle of the process of finding what vacancies we have and who will be filling those. 

VIII. Announcements

            At the next Full Council meeting, the Executive Committee will nominate officers for next year but it will be possible to make nominations from the floor.  The new Council members will be attending the meeting on the 26th.  There might be a Summer Retreat.  The Leadership Retreat is in River Falls this year and Marcia Naber will be talking with the Chancellor to secure funding.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Peyer, PA