Minutes: April 13, 2004

Present:  Wirkus, Torstveit, Johnson-Sage, Herling, Reinert, Goudie, Sweetman, Naber
Excused:  Weiland, Walls, Karpinsky  

I.                     Call to order 3:00pm. 

II.                   Approval of Minutes M/S/P 

III.                  Chair’s Report

a.     Cora Marrett will visit UWL on April 7 to talk about external funding and how to get grant money.

b.     UW System attorneys will be on campus on May 3 from 10:30-11:45 to hold a legal issues forum.  Open to everyone.

c.      Search and Screen updates:

                                                              i.      SAH will be making recommendations for two associate deans in the next couple weeks.

                                                            ii.      John B. Mason has accepted UWL’s offer of the CLS Dean position.

                                                          iii.      EESHER dean search has two more interviews.

d.     Academic Staff Leadership Conference is at UW Stout on July 29-30.  They’re seeking suggestions for programs.  Chair Naber has suggestion forms, which must be turned in by the end of April.

e.     Katherine Lyall will visit UWL on April 28.  The ASC are invited to have a private meeting with her from 11-11:45, tentatively in 104 Wing.  A minimum of five must attend.

f.        Chair Naber shared a thank you note from Jessica Thill for her PD grant. 

IV.               Committee Reports 

a.     The ASC approved the Professional Development grant disbursements.

b.     The ASC discussed possible recommendations and revisions to the draft memo from the sub-committee on the wellness initiative.  An executive summary will also be attached to the final report.  The sub-committee will meet again to create a final draft.  M/S/P  It will be passed to Provost Hitch through the appropriate channels. 

V.                 Reinert reported from the April 8 Faculty Senate meeting.

a.     Revision to excess credit appeals process.

b.     Several student academic initiatives were passed.

c.      Joe Heim discussed the budget.

d.     TABOR discussed.

VI.               Vice Chair Wirkus discussed 2004-2005 committee assignments.  Another solicitation will be sent to fill open positions.  An email will be sent to the Chancellor’s office to request an appointment for the Consultative Layoff Committee.

VII.              Elections of Council Leadership on April 27.

a.     Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary needed.

b.     Weiland will continue as AS Rep.

c.      Nominations:  Wayne Jacobson and Pat Karpinsky for Vice Chair.  Wayne Jacobson for Secretary.  Marcia Naber for Chair.

d.     New Chair will appoint an At-Large person to the Executive Committee. 

VIII.            Discussion that IAS may have their course loads increased to 15 credits. 

IX.               Refreshments and appreciation certificate presentations to retiring members at the gazebo.

X.                 Adjourned:  4:37pm 


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA