Minutes: April 24, 2007

Present:  Robinson, Van Roosenbeek, Veglahn, Richter, Brunk, Jacobson

Absent:  Weiland

Excused:  Heyer

Guest:  Tim Walls


Meeting Began 3:08 p.m.

Changes to the March 27th minutes include adding Heyer in attendance and Mary Beth to the list of ASC nominees. Minutes approved Richter/Jacobson

Professional Development Grant – Tim Walls

Tim stated that the Professional Development Grant Committee questions continued support to Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) through this grant.  So far two or three IAS grant requests have been submitted requesting funding. 

a)      Dual role IAS is represented through faculty governance and can apply for grant funding through them.

b)      Carmen Wilson will take care of who has IAS dual role appointments through the IAS subcommittee and then let ASC know.

c)      Carmen Wilson suggested that if we decide not to support IAS grant requests, we could split our total professional development dollars with them.

d)      UW System and UW System Administration Guidelines for the Academic Staff Professional Development program both provide grant guidelines.  UW System Guidelines say only represented academic staff should receive grants.  Must also be an academic staff member at the time the grant funded activity takes place.

e)      ACS recommends the Professional Development Committee follow ASC bylaws.

f)        The PDC has guidelines to follow so Tim will take our revised bylaws back to the Professional Development Committee, make the necessary changes on their document and then bring it back to ASC for approval.

g)      ASC is supportive of changes in the guidelines to reflect new bylaw changes



Approximately 74 people voted providing the following outcome: 

Division                                    Candidate

Administrative Coalition            Brenda Leahy, Career Services  (2010)

At-Large                                  Sara Burton, Athletics  (2010)

Colleges                                   Jim Handley, Geography/Earth Science Dept.  (2010)

Student Development and         Lynette Prieur Lo, Student Support Services  (2010)

Academic Services                   Mary Beth Vahala, University Centers  (2010)

                                                Will Van Roosenbeek, University Centers  (2009) 

Motion approved Robinson/Richter



Changes made in Section I, second page from the end and also on the last page of the Academic Staff Council Bylaws. Motion passed approving all changes as presented.  Bylaw changes will be sent out to ASC members. 

Motion approved Jacobson/Brunk

Academic Staff Leadership Conference

June 28th and 29th @ UW-Superior

Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government Committee

Deb Veglahn has accepted the position of Project Manager for the PeopleSoft Implementation.  They are looking for a person to replace her on this committee. 

Regent Bartel Visit

Extensive discussion regarding the Growth and Access plan during both the morning question/answer time and also in the afternoon session. One concern is that it is not in the plan on how we will serve all the new students. It was suggested that ASC members become activist, composing a letter that we can send to Chancellor Gow and Faculty Senate making our concerns known.

Last Full Council Meeting May 8, 2007

Newly elected ASC members will be invited, offices appointed, determine future meeting times, establish new chair.  The new chair will need to find a replacement for Liz Peyer who will be leaving.

a)      Rebecca Krueger, LTE in Counseling and Testing Office may be interested in this position.

Meeting ended 4:25 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk