Minutes: May 14, 2002

Present:   Cantona, Goudie, Reinert, Petersen, Weiland, Sweetman, Graumann, Naber, Wirkus, Walls, and Jacobson 

Excused:    Torstveit 

I.  Chair Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM. 

II.  Minutes from April 23 Full Council meeting approved. 

III.  Council adjusted committee assignments made previously by the Executive Committee.  M/S/P to accept the revised assignments.
a.  How long are alternate appointments for? 

IV.  IRAS (Instructional Research Academic Staff)
a. Campus Report
      A.  Items needing follow-up:  ASK program; devoting more of the ASC website to IRAS issues, providing them with links.

b.  Voting Issue – Representation Issue
        A. If individuals are afforded faculty status, they should be represented by the faculty. 
        B. Exception:  Lori Peterson’s membership on the Council makes her eligible to serve on Academic Staff committees. 

V.        Chair Wirkus will forward an email regarding the Weapons Task Force Recommendation to council members for their comments/questions.  Feedback is needed by June 1st

VI.      The strategic plan will not be finished before the end of the semester.  Billy Clow has asked the chancellor for an extension, so it won’t be finished till around December. 

VII.    The Student Senate would like all academic staff to have web pages within four years.  This would most likely be more beneficial to instructional academic staff.  However, the Academic Staff Council will only be concerned with the ASC web page.

VIII.    The Leadership Conference is on again.  Dates:  July 18, 19 at Parkside.  Academic staff can go and travel, but they must present at the conference.  There is no agenda yet.

a.   There was discussion as to whether or not attending a leadership conference was particularly ethical considering some staff are not being renewed.  The council decided to send fewer than six people to attend, but will also make it known that the reduction is only temporary and out of respect of the budget situation.  

IX.      Sarah Westbrook’s work schedule is approved by the council.  The new schedule will be sent out for the fall. 

X.  Old Business

a.   Bill Graumann will continue indefinitely as the Madison Rep, but may also share the duties with another individual.

b.   The Council decided not to send an ASC rep to Faculty Senate Meetings.  However, they would like to receive the minutes from the Student Senate meetings.

c.   The Chancellor has approved all of the proposed budget cuts. 

XI.  New Business

a.   Council discussed possible changes to times of the ASC meetings, but decided to keep the same times due to Sarah Westbrook’s fall schedule.

b.   ASC may potentially meet before August, but no meetings are scheduled. 

XII.     Joe Cantona is presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Council for his service on the Council and on the Bylaws committee.


XIII.    Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:25 p.m. 

 Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA