Minutes: July 18, 2006

Present: Robinson, Brunk, Heyer, Jacobson, Hoeft, Karpinsky, Van Roosenbeek, Weiland

Excused: Richter

Absent: Veglahn

D2L Tutorial

Presented by Kay Robinson

Approval of Minutes

Van Roosenbeek – Jacobson         APPROVED

Disciplinary Procedure Update

Must respond by the end of September.  Please send comments to Chair Karpinsky by August 4 by email or D2L.  The new draft applies to Academic Staff with indefinite appointments, which have not been offered at UWL for awhile, so there are only a few people who would be affected by this. 

Question was raised as to how many people are aware of the issue.  Raised possibility of talks to brining back indefinite appointments in a year or two.

The Board of Regents will discuss this on Wednesday, August 21 along with a preliminary discussion of the budget.

A.S.K. Program

Chair Karpinsky presented on it at the Academic Staff Leadership Conference.  She believes the next level is to have mentors and mentees fill out forms before hand to determine the best match.  A monthly get-together was suggested: educational/social program. 

Annual Meeting

Planning for 3:00pm on September 26.  Will publicize it as a Fall Kickoff, not a meeting.   Will present Excellence Award, recognize nominees.  Display posters by PDG recipients.  Invite past winners, recent hires, Dean of Student, Director of School of Education, Chancellor, Provost, Deans, Chair of Faculty Senate, Student Association President, Regent Smith, possibly state legislators and ASPRO.  After discussion, the decision was made to change the meeting to October 10 in Cleary Center.

ASC Retreat

Will be a potluck, hosted at Chair Karpinsky on August 15 at noon.  People will bring:

Karpinsky – main dish

Heyer – pecan pies

Van Roosenbeek – dip

Brunk – salad

Hoeft – spinach and artichoke dip

Jacobson – fresh fruit salad

Robinson – gazpacho

Richter - ?

Veglahn - ? 

The Kickoff event will be discussed at the retreat.

Academic Staff Leadership Conference

Attendees enjoyed the conference and the sessions they attended which included meeting with legislators and meeting with those from System.  Chair Karpinsky extended an invitation to Regent Smith to attend an Academic Staff Council meeting.

Criminal Background Check Report

UW-Extension has been doing it for the past year on all workers, including students.  This will apple to all new employees by January 1, 2007.  There is a concern about confidentiality and the cost. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:32pm.