Minutes: August 5, 2004 

PRESENT: Weiland, Karpinsky, Naber, Torstveit, Veglahn, Herling, Walls, Van Roosenbeek

EXCUSED: Jacobson, Reinert, Johnson-Sage


  1. Review of 04-05 Full Council and Executive Committee calendars and dates of Madison rep meetings.  The annual meeting will be on 9/28/04 in the Ward Room at 2:30.  The Executive Committee will meet before to set a firm agenda.
  2. Those who attended the Leadership Conference discussed the various workshops and shared information with the rest of the Council.
  3. A draft briefing paper from the Leadership Conference was shared.  This paper will be used to educate people about the academic staff and what positions they hold, and will be sent to the chancellors and the new System president.  It was suggested that an electronic copy be sent to all academic staff.
  4. The Student Wellness initiative was discussed.  This is a high priority for Provosts Hitch, and she will be asking Petra Roter to do so as well.  The Mayor’s Task Force will be making recommendations as well, focusing mainly on alcohol.  The ASC’s role will be to continue to be appraised of progress on this issue.
  5. Doug Swanson has been named the director of the new Advising Center, with Sharie Brunk as one of the main advisors.  They have a webpage as well.  Applications for the other advisor positions are due in September.  Career Services will supervise the Advising Center, but will stay in the same office this year.
  6. Karpinsky reported for the Salary and Personnel Committee.  They will be addressing several issues, such as salary compression, notifying staff when they’re eligible for career progression, etc.  The Faculty Senate will be addressing the IAS issues, and the ASC would like to be involved in this.  Also, Donna Anderson is the contact for the SLOAN project, which will be studying changes in the academic workforce for the System.
  7. The Campus Climate update is on the web.  Three main areas are highlighted: workload and work/life balance; advancement/recognition; and leadership.  Feedback is due in September.
  8. There are several new search and screens on HR’s webpage.  The Council discussed position consolidation and new administrative positions.
  9. Walls reported for the Professional Development Committee.  Janis Von Ruden is the Excellence Award recipient this year.  There were only five nominees this year, and methods of increasing the applicant pool were discussed.  The Committee will need to promote nominations as well as streamline the process for nominees.
  10. The Council discussed replacing Sarah.  CSDA students were suggested.
  11. The ASC Office needs to purchase a new computer, because the hard drive failed on the old one.  Ron Lostetter will notify Chair Naber whether a new computer can be purchased or not.
  12. Candidates will be coming to UWL on four nights this year because of the elections.  These sessions with the candidates are generally well attended, especially by students.
  13. The Council discussed the new slogan and tag line for UWL.  “UWL, your distinct choice”  “The view from the bluff is global.”
  14. The Legislative Auditor’s Report on UW System’s Recent Audit will be released this fall.  They found too many administrative positions and too much administrative money spent.
  15. The International Task Force at UWL is investigating what’s being done that’s global at UWL, and what more can be done.  Other institutions will be looked at for suggestions.
  16. There will be a new faculty orientation and fringe benefit orientation this year.  There is nothing scheduled for new academic staff.  A list of new academic staff will be requested from HR.
  17. Veglahn has volunteered to mentor the ASC PA with web updates.
  18. This is Chair Naber’s last year on the Council, and Council members must think about leadership for 2005.
  19. The Council discussed the Conservation Campaign.  Other campuses will be looked at for ideas to improve UWL’s conservation.
  20. Adjourned 3:00

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah Westbrook, PA